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I Love My Nook!!

So Jehara, if you were responsible for getting Janet to get hers, then you’re definitely responsible for getting me to get mine. I did email Janet to ask her about it, and after hearing what she had to say and looking up some more info, that made my mind up for me.

I really like it. I ended up getting the one that only has WiFi (not the 3G), and since I can’t remember the password to get onto my WiFi at home, I had to zip to Barnes & Noble for a few minutes this morning. But in about 10 minutes, I bought a few books. It’s so nice. I’m a really fast reader, which makes things like packing a handbag for an overnight trip pretty tedious.  I love the thought of having up to 1500 books in the size of a trade paperback. I’ve got the complete works of Jane Austen; the King James version of the Bible; the Book of Mormon; Eclipse; two Percy Jackson books; and a few others that escape me right now.

So thank you Jehara!

In other news, the wedding shower was a success. Joe decided to go shopping with me, which meant we had way too much food. We’d have had too much food anyway, since (a) almost no one RSVP’d, which really irks me, and (b) a few people who said they were coming didn’t. But I sent all the food home with Lolo and I’m sure they’ll see to it nothing is wasted. We did a fun game (only one game) where we asked her 12 questions about her fiance.  I’d gotten the answers from him a few weeks ago. For every question she got wrong, she had to chew a piece of bubble gum and blow a bubble before answering the next question. And she had to keep the gum in her mouth and add to it with every wrong question. It was funny; she ended up with a huge wad of eight pieces of gum. And I was merciless–I bought the big fat bubble gum pieces.  She took the rest of the gum home and said she was going to make him chew eight pieces of bubble gum and see how he liked it.

I’m completely worn out. Every muscle in my body is aching right now. Fortunately, Joe is off playing guitar with a friend, so I can enjoy a quiet evening playing Farmville until I fall asleep. 🙂


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