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It’s 11:18 p.m. on Wednesday, June 23rd. I had a day trip out to Little Rock for work. I was overwhelmed with how beautiful it was up there. There were trees everywhere, a sea of green. I saw some Queen Anne’s lace, and a huge enormous weeping willow. 

My knee was hugely swollen by the time we got to the rental car in Little Rock. Seems like every time that I fly anywhere, which admittedly is not often, I am at the absolutely farthest possible gate from the entrance. Normally that’s not a problem, but it was not a good thing today. One of my traveling companions got me the pre-boarding passes, which was lovely of her, and we got to sit in the first row where we had plenty of leg room.

And in other news; I have a writing job!!!!!!   I’m extremely excited about it. As I’ve mentioned recently, my muse has forsaken me, at least for now, so I haven’t gotten even blog posts done, much less anything on any of my projects. So when this came along, it was as welcome as manna. This project will take a few months, and perhaps exercising the discipline for this job will help me buckle down for my own books.

Lo’s wedding shower is Saturday. The Monster incredibly graciously is letting me have it at her home, since my tiny hovel is neither large enough nor non-hovel-y enough to have that many guests over. I have neither hosted nor attended a wedding shower since one of my roommates got married quite some time ago. Joe and I went to the store Monday night for paper goods and decorations, and found plates and napkins that match the invitations, all blue and pink and bits of brown. Very pretty.  My current plan is to go shopping for the food on Friday night. My to-do list is miles long. I still have to assemble the favours, get some various items that will be needed, figure out which punch recipe to use (I’m waverng between 3 or 4), etc.

As I lay here on the sofa, leg propped up with my ice machine running, I’m wondering whether I’m glad that I chose to have the knee replacement. I’m not sure yet. Right now it’s so swollen and hurting so much, the answer would probably be a solid “heck no!” But ask me in another six months. Perhaps it would be a solid “heck yeah!”

EDITED TO ADD: OOPS!!!!!  I did attend Jehara’s wedding shower, and I had a great time. But it wasn’t a showery type of shower. It was very much a Jehara type of shower, and it was loverly. 🙂

And the writing job is ghost writing someone’s biography. I’m really excited about it.


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