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I’ve been going to the movies! It’s been nice because I can go during the daytime when it is cheaper and not full of obnoxious teens. Nothing against teens, normally, but they can be pretty obnoxious in the movies. I’m just sayin’.

So I’ve seen Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief 3 times. And I’ve seen How to Train Your Dragon twice. I love love love them!! They are so fun and entertaining and good and delightful. I saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It was all right, but compared with the other two, not really all that. I’m going to stay away from the theatre tomorrow, but on Friday I’m going to go see Clash of the Titans! Woot!  And if I can persuade Izzy and Amethyst, we can go see the dragon movie on Friday night after we have dinner at Cosmic Cafe.

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Fast Sunday

Today is Fast Sunday. It’s an opportunity to fast for 2 meals, and pray, and it’s really cool. I got an email yesterday from the Relief Society secretary saying that our bishop asked us to include in our prayers the people in our ward who are struggling with health issues (whether they be physical, mental, or emotional). I really appreciate that they are cognizant that just because someone looks whole on the outside, it doesn’t mean s/he is whole on the inside. I spent too many years in a deep black pit from the bipolar depression–anti-depressants couldn’t work fully on their own because I needed other medications along with them–and my heart hurts for anyone who’s feeling anything remotely like I felt.

So I’m going to go take a shower, throw tonight’s dinner into the slow cooker, and get my fanny to church this afternoon. Dinner’s tonight around 8, Caribbean black beans and rice, with collard greens.  It’s worth the wait, and worth the prayers all day.

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Doesn’t have quite the same ring as Julie and Julia, does it?

Yesterday Joe and I went to see Percy Jackson again, and I can tell it’s going to be one of those movies I’ll watch over and over when it comes out on DVD.  I also watched Julie & Julia last night (Netflix Watch Instantly, I love you!), and really enjoyed it.  I was seized with the desire to make every recipe in a cookbook, and wondered how many other people felt the same desire after seeing it. Of course, it wouldn’t be the same epic style feat, but it would be fun. We’ll see.

I also lost a filling in one of my teeth yesterday, and I’ve been in a serious lot of pain. Nothing is giving any relief. I got some of that putty stuff that you can use to replace a filling; however, due to the location and angle of the lost filling, I couldn’t get it to work. So it’s with Tylenol, warm salt water, and anything that serves to distract me from the pain until the dentist opens up Monday. I really hope he can get me in quickly. This is really unpleasant.

So how is your day going?

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Yes, Ma’am!

The Incomparable Izzybella let me know in no uncertain terms that it is time for a blupdate. Sheesh! Pot-kettle-y much?

Honestly I don’t have much to say right now. I had a nice visit with Mom and Lunatic Writer & Freaky Angel. Missed the family reunion in Longview, which kind of bummed me out, but there wasn’t anything I could do about it. They have returned to their respective homes, and poor Freaky Angel has a nasty cold.

This morning I made the trek to Dallas. Are you impressed? You should be–I hate driving in Dallas. But I wanted to go sit at the temple for a while, and I’m glad I did. The grounds are always beautiful, and I loved seeing the tulips in bloom. And then I went to Moon’s LDS Book Store and splurged on a couple of books.  Then I went to TJ Maxx (I have a $50 gift card to spend), but they didn’t have one single handbag I was lusting over. Can you believe it?  Me neither!  Although to be fair, I did find a great Etienne Aigner bag at Marshalls last week, for only $29, so perhaps the purse gods are giving me a reprieve. I’ll hang on to the gift card for when they decide to bless me once more.

Now I’m going to read one of my new books (I Need Thee Every Hour by David P. Vandagriff) and then take a nap. I hope Joe is finished with his piano practice before I’m ready for said nap.  (Oh, and I have read several books lately, and will get them listed on my books read page one of these days.)

Enjoy your day!!

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More Dreams

So last night I had some more very vivid dreams. Actually, it’s not at all unusual for me to have vivid dreams, but I’m not fond of nightmares. I dreamed over and over and over about one of my friends who’s going through some really rough times right now. We live in different states, so there’s really not much I can do to help except pray and be encouraging. But those dreams last night just broke my heart. I was at her home, playing with her kids, and seeing first-hand all the things she’s having to deal with and one person in particular who’s causing a lot of grief.

What I’m trying to say is that if I tell you I love you and I’m keeping you in my prayers, I mean it, waking or sleeping.

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Last week I watched a really good documentary on dreams. And since then I’ve been very aware of my dreams, noticing when the good dreams come, noticing when the nightmares come.

Joe was out yesterday evening, and I woke up when he got home. (Sorry, honey, I didn’t realize you were sleeping.  Really? What do you think I do when it’s late, and dark in the room and my eyes are closed?) I was in a lot of pain, but couldn’t find the energy to get up even long enough to take a pain pill, and I eventually managed to drift back off again.

I had the worst nightmares after that–a child was kidnapped and attacked, and I rescued her and was helping her mother help the child start to feel comfortable again. I figured out who her kidnapper was, and was after him. And when he realized that I knew his identity, he was after me. He followed me to Target (it was a snowy New Year’s Eve), and attacked me in the parking lot. Fortunately the police were on-site immediately, and he was arrested. I was afraid to go to my house, and for some reason all of a sudden Izzy was with me, so the police were going to put us up in a hotel overnight. I remember being worried about my dogs, neither of whom were my dogs in real life, but the police insisted it would not be safe for me to go home that night. We got to the hotel and went into the room, only to find a kidnapping and murder in progress. I begged the police to put us up in a different hotel, but they said it had to be that one.

And that’s when I woke up, panting, in pain, and hungry. So I got a yogurt, took a pain pill, and am waiting for it to kick in and let me go back to sleep. And I could do without the nightmares, okay?

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Friday Pix

From Clover’s book signing:

Clover is the lovely lady in brown signing my book. I actually already have a copy, so I got one for one of my nieces.

The lovely lady to Clover’s left (in the red top & black jacket) is Leanna Ellis. I got her book Ruby’s Slippers for myself, and it was quite good. I’ll be reading more of hers. And I decided to send Ruby’s Slippers to one of my awesome sisters-in-law.  I think she’ll enjoy it. Doesn’t Clover have a great smile? I love my Clover!!!

And here are two pictures of me from today. I hate the first one and love the second. Joe hates the second and loves the first. Either way, it’s all good. I got my hair done today, which it sorely needed (note there are no photos of me with Clover), and I now have brown and plum and blonde hair, and it’s all choppy and flippy and I love it. Angelina rocks!!!!

Yes, I took it myself, outside my house, and it’s obviously a little blurry.

Joe doesn’t like it because my hair hangs in my face. I like it because my hair hangs in my face. And that funny little smirk I do when I don’t want to smile because I hate showing my teeth? Well, it’s not too bad in this one.

Getting my hair done was exhausting. It took 4 hours from start to finish (my hair doesn’t like bleach). And I got waxed while I was there, and even though I prefer threading, the amazing Angelina did a great job. The way she did my colour was inspired, seriously–she made these cool triangles. It is of teh awesome. As is Angelina.

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