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BFF Week, Day 5

Here’s another BFF that I have yet to meet, although this is being rectified later in March.

Meet Kellee, my newest sister-in-law.  My brother’s been married and in long-term relationships a few times, and Kellee is the *only* one to ever reach out to his family.  That’s nice.  Plus she’s Polish, which means she knows from kielbasa and pierogi, which is also nice.

Here’s what I know about Kellee:  She loves to do counted cross stitch.  The header on her blog (Freaky Angel; see the link to the right) is from one of her pieces. Wonderful, huh? She’s a good cook. I know that because my brother frequently comments on the stellar meals she serves. She apparently likes to clean, which means if she lived near me she’d be welcome at my house ANY time (lol).   She loves Harry Potter and all kinds of reading and writing, loves movies, and she loves my brother.

No offense, bro, but I’m seriously majorly impressed with a woman like Kellee who can put up with my brother.

Yep, I’m looking forward to March. Welcome to the family, Kells.

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