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It’s Thursday. Whee.

I’m having a helluva rough day today.  Joe’s been gone since early Tuesday morning, and I miss him dreadfully.  I’m finding that the dogs and everything are just too much for me to handle right now on top of work and knee rehabilitation. It’s been rainy since yesterday and my knee’s been hurting more than it has been the last several days. That means more painkillers, more ice, less productivity.

Also, my blood pressure, which used to be fantastic, has rocketed pretty high since one of the meds I take to control the bipolar has high blood pressure as a side effect.  On the advice of my physical therapist, I first called my psych office. The totally awesome nurse practitioner I see told me to drop the dosage of that medicine by 1/3, and depending on how I do mood-wise, we can see if that will help my blood pressure drop.  And my awesome primary care doc called in a refill on some blood pressure medicine. The combination of the two seems to be helping. My top number’s back to being good, and the bottom number is less bad than it was, even if it’s not yet good.  However, I’m weepy. Not sure how much to attribute to the reduction in the one medicine and how much to attribute to just feeling overwhelmed by everything at home while Joe’s away.

Just had physical therapy and I’m continuing to improve, which is good.  Have to keep pushing through the pain to accomplish my goals.

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