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Taking a Step Back

Not necessarily what I wanted to do, but sometimes compromising helps keep things copacetic.  After valiantly striving for almost a year to follow a strict vegan diet, I’m taking a step back to vegetarian.  Joe’s been so incredibly worried about my health, particuarly while I’m recovering from my knee replacement surgery. If you saw the post-operative diet they gave me, you’d laugh hysterically. Breakfast should be bacon & eggs or sausage, with toast and fruit. Each meal is to be accompanied by a glass of milk, and should have meat.  Yeah. So not doing that.

He’s making sure I get plenty of protein and vitamins. Odwalla is my new best friend, according to him. No complaints. He knows I’m not going to drink cow’s milk at all period end of discussion.  He tried slipping a little into my cereal one day, and I could tell the difference and asked him not to. But I did agree that I would go back to eating some cheese and eggs, at least for now.

He loves me. He wants me to be healthy and he wants me to recover well from the surgery. So I’m willing to compromise for now, until I’m back up to 100% and cooking  my own meals.

On another note, he got an assignment, and left this morning for Florida.  I’m going to miss him. Having Joe home with me for the last two months has been stressful in some ways, but it’s been really really  nice in others. I know he loves what he does, and loves the travel, so I’m going to make the best of it. Today’s my first day alone. I’m a little nervous actually. If anyone comes to the door, I’ve got to make sure to keep Scout on a short leash. He loves to slip out the front door, make water in the front yard, and then run along the street until someone catches him and takes him for a walk. I so can’t do that yet. And we’d be devastated if anything happened to him.

Last night was a rough night, so I’m going to end this now and nap for a little while before I get on my work laptop and have a productive afternoon.

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