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nom nom nom

guess what i’m having for dinner tonight.  go ahead. guess. i’ll be waiting.

a vlt?


a grilled cheese made with galaxy’s superlative vegan cheddar cheese slices? (no, this isn’t an advertisement. it’s just what i happen to think of it)


give up?

spiral diner’s superlative meat loaf. i’ve had all the ingredients, and was just waiting for when i felt like making it. that was tonight. my oven timer just went off–i’ve got to spread the top with ketchup, cover it with foil, and bake it for another 15 minutes. just need to get the potatoes ready to mash, and i’ll be eating one of my favourite comfort dinners.

nom nom nom


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slowly returning to normal

or as close to normal as I’ll ever get.

The crazy project at work is finished, which means I get to work my usual hours. I’m hoping this means I’ll find a little more energy, because I have a huge, huge to-do list that needs attending to. So far I’ve only done one item on that list. And part of another item, but there’s so much more to go.

One thing that I’ll be doing a lot of this week is cooking. I’ve got 3 cupcake recipes I want to try, and I got ambitious and made my menu out for the week. Some of the delicacies I’ll be making include samosa-stuffed baked potatoes and meatloaf with smashed potatoes. I’m also going to make a white bean dish, and vegan macaroni salad. The refrigerator is full of yummy veggies, so I really have no excuse for not cooking this week.  I really do need to quit eating VLT’s for supper every night.

Did I tell you I got a henna tattoo on Friday night? No? It’s on my wrist, a kind of celtic-y heart. And there’s a ginormous smudge because when I pulled my wallet out of my handbag to pay for the threading & tattoo, I accidentally swiped the corner of my wallet across my still-wet tattoo. !!!!  They tried to clean it up and fix it, and I will give them credit–if you didn’t know what I’d done, you wouldn’t know I’d done it.   But some of the lines are already fading–:( –which makes me really sad. I need to get some henna and touch it up. Any tips?  I did put some lemon juice & sugar on it Friday night, but so much of the dried henna had fallen off by then that I don’t know how much good it did.

The incomparable Izzybella spent most of the day Saturday in the emergency room.  She seems to be doing all right, all things considered. But if you wouldn’t mind saying a prayer, or sending some light, I know she’d appreciate it. 

Lolo and I spent much of the day together on Saturday, too. I’d have been at the hospital with Izzy, but she said not to. So we got pedicures, and I fretted the whole time (and prayed) until I heard from her. I’ve got a nice rich chocolatey brown on my toenails. And then we went to see Sorority Row, and seeing it a second time was worth it when I heard Lolo groan out loud at the incredibly hokey and cliche-ish last shot. For the record, I really don’t want to see it again. Okay? I’m looking forward to new movies such as Couples Retreat, and that cute Kristin Bell romcom that I want to see despite its being a romcom, etc., but no more Sorority Row.

I guess this is enough rambling for one day. You may now return to your regularly scheduled lives.

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