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livin’ off vlt’s

what do you do when you’re a (mostly) vegan with mad cravings? either try to get the cravings out of your mind, or find a way to meet the cravings and still retain your integrity.

meet my new loves.

The first is the VLT. You toast some good grainy bread, and smear on some soyonaise/nayonnaise/vegenaise, whatever you prefer, and sprinkle on some vegan bacon bits. Sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s not. Then you add some nice organic baby lettuce and some sliced tomatoes, smoosh it together and cut in diagonal halves. Serve it with a handful of organic potato chips with sea salt, or some crunchy veggies, or whatever you want. It’s wicked good.  And even if you’re out of the T, it’s fantabulous with just the L (and the V, of course).

The next is the Galaxy cheddar flavour rice cheese slices. They are vegan. And I was really skeptical of how good they may or may not taste. But I seem to recall reading a positive review somewhere, so I bought a pack. I nuked an Amy’s vegan black bean burrito, and topped it with a slice of the cheddar cheese. The label proclaims that it does melt. I disagree, but will admit that it got a little melty. The flavour was very good, and it added a nice little flavour to the burrito.

I plan to try a vegan grilled cheese, if I can ever get over the constant craving for the vlt. although now that I think of it, that does sound very good and I do have the ingredients.  hmmmmm. wanders away from the computer.  ok. i’m back with a nice hot crispy earth balancey buttery melty cheddary sandwich and it tastes dang good! A couple of dill pickle slices would be good with this rich satisfying sandwich, but it is delectable even without the tang of the pickles.

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