Archive for September 17th, 2009

I know! It’s been aeons since I wrote last!  Here’s what happened:

I worked. I worked and worked and worked and worked and worked and worked and worked. And then I worked some more. Seriously. Crazy with the busy.

I read. A couple of books–I’ll get the books page updated this weekend.

I went to see Sorority Row. It was better than I expected, and I was very surprised at the denoument.

Our house has a new coat of paint, and a new back door.  And it may be getting a new kitchen floor fairly soon.

Scout also has a new coat of paint, the little stinker! He brushed up alongside the newly painted door, so his normally glossy black coat now has a couple of schmears of cream coloured paint.

The crazy work schedule should ease up in another couple of weeks, so bear with me if the posts are few and far between.

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