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It’s been a week, one of those crazy insane weeks that rush by and drag slowly on all at the same time. Joe’s back in southern California and loving it. I’m here with my fur-babies in rainy DFW and dealing with it.

I love my job. I know I keep saying that, but it’s true. I really love my job. I get to work with fantastic people, and I work hard all day so that when I walk out the door I feel tired and satisfied and ready for the evening. And I play hard on the weekends to get ready for another week. I’m not used to this level of job satisfaction.

Today was nice. I woke up at 6:30 from the most crazy insane dreams I’ve had in quite some time. I won’t bore you with most of the details (is that  collective sigh of relief I’m hearing?), but during a bit of the dream I was singing along with the radio to a song about polyjuice potion.


When I woke up, I remembered two lines of the song, and regaled Liz with it after breakfast (grits & toast because I could NOT tolerate one more  bite of oatmeal). She said I’m weird.  As I drove home, I made up another two lines of the song, and kept laughing at the ridiculousness of it.  I mean, seriously, people–a song about polyjuice potion?  I started to go right back to bed, because I was still really sleepy, but figured I’d better stop and write down the song and pick out the melody on the piano.  Good thing, too, because by the time I woke up the second time I’d forgotten it.  I sang it to Joe tonight, and he told me I’m weird. He also said there were coyotes howling because they could hear me singing.  He thinks he’s funny.

Lolo and I went out and meandered here and there. I took her to my favourite place to eat, the inimitable Spiral Diner, and she loves it as much as izzy and jehara and pasta man and amethyst do. We started off with the hummus (good, although I will confess to liking Cosmic Cafe’s better). I had a glass of watermelon cream soda (very tasty), and she had some rooibos tea. She got a huge monster mega salad with southwestern ranch dressing, and I had a VLT. It’s so easy to get into the habit of eating the same thing every time, so I have been making a point of trying something new. The VLT was seriously tasty.  And we shared a little vanilla cake for dessert.

What else–we went to Half Price Books, where we got a couple of books for her younger son and I got a book about chakra healing (I’m still having a lot of problems with my throat chakra). And we went to the mall. There were lots of people at the mall, since it was all rainy outside.  And we went to see Final Destination Whatever in 3D. It was the kind of movie that defines inanity. As in, “let’s see. how many different disgusting and graphic ways can we think of to kill people?” inane. There was definite grossosity. And viscera. Everywhere. And really lame dialogue and wooden acting. I mean, if you’d (a) seen a lot of people killed in a terrible tragedy at a speedway and (b) seen that one of the people who was saved from the speedway ended up accidentally dragging himself to death and catching fire in his attempts to murder someone and (c) nearly been killed yourself in a convoluted car wash accident and (d) a guy you used to date and were still friendish with exploded when he got sucked into the pool drain, would you be excitedly trying on sunglasses at the mall and talking about how hot they were? If you would, please explain it to me? Lolo owes me BIG TIME for that piece of dreck!

When I got home, the dogs wanted attention. So I had Molly sitting on my right and Scout jumping up on my left and both dogs vying for my sole attention. Then Molly began begging for a walk. This is the dog who has been known to walk to the back door and look outside in the rain, before looking at me and shaking her head to tell me that she was sorry for making me get up and open the door, but she just couldn’t bear to go outside and pee in all that rain. So I took the dogs for a walk in the rain. And she peed. And then when I got home from going out for an errand later on, neither dog would go outside in the rain to take care of their business.  Granted, if I had to go outside in the back yard and do my business where anyone could see me, and where it was wet and muddy, I wouldn’t want to either. So I guess it shouldn’t bother me that they don’t want to. But it does, at least when Scout wakes me up at 2 a.m. and I open the door for him and he looks outside for a second and then nonchalantly trots off and jumps onto the couch. I think he’s saying, “la la la la la, if I don’t look at her then she won’t realize that I woke her up for nothing but there ain’t no way I’m going to go outside in that rain so I’ll just jump up on the couch and act natural until she’s asleep again.”


Oh–and did I tell you I made Spiral’s mac’n’cheese this week? Really really good. Tomorrow will be a day of cooking. I plan to make a batch of cupcakes, and some bread, and maybe Spiral’s “meat”loaf. Mmmmmm. That would be good with some smashed potatoes. Maybe I’ll try the chai cupcakes. I’d kind of like to make a batch of those for Jehara’s wedding reception.

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