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Another post about the joys of home ownership. 

The paint along our eaves and soffits has been chipping away, no longer the pristine creamy colour we picked out when we moved in. And the City says that we have to paint it.

Our back door needs replacing. We bought the replacement door ages ago, and it’s still hanging on its frame in the dining room, where we shove it aside and back again in front of the music room.

Our kitchen floor needs replacing. Our kitchen cabinets need replacing.

We need a storm door with a doggie door so Scout will let his beleaguered parents sleep through the night without having to get up and let him out every time his fancy dictates. There have been nights when his whimpering wakes me up, and I’ve begged him to just go pee somewhere and let me sleep. But will he? Oh, no, not he!  And this is the dog who pees EVERYWHERE! I swear I think he’s hopped up onto  my cedar chest to pee on the clothes I had piled up there to get put away that now have to be rewashed.

So $750 plus the cost of materials is getting us some handyman work from a friend of a neighbour. He’ll replace the wood that’s rotted along the eaves. He’ll paint the outside of the house. He’ll put on the back door and the storm door.

Of course, that still leaves the fence that needs to be moved closer to the house, along with the kitchen stuff, but one step at a time, right? At least when the City comes out they will have to find something besides the exterior of the house and the appearance of the yard to complain about.

I frequently reminisce about different apartments in which I’ve lived. If the toilet broke, I called them and they came and fixed it. And when the bathtub faucet decided it would no longer consent to being turned off, I called them and they fixed it. No lawns, no worries about having to replace rotting wood on the eaves, no having to move fences.

Okay, neighbours, and I can’t play the piano at 2 a.m. if I want to, so I guess it probably balances out.  But there are days, aren’t there?


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