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No, scratch that. It was Saturday at the mall. And as lame and pathetic as that might sound, it was actually a great day.

After being up so late last night, I slept in this morning and my sweet honey let me. I feel really bad about missing Saturday breakfast with the parental units, but if they called me I did not hear the phone ring, or at least if I did I was asleep when I talked to them. Lolo came over about 11, and we headed for Grapevine Mills. And we walked and walked and walked. Okay, so we stopped for lunch at Chili’s (their southwestern veggie soup is seriously good), and watched a movie (A Perfect Getaway, which we both liked but we didn’t like the fact that the people who were behind us kept kicking our seats), but except for that we walked.

Did I mention we walked?

We found some really cute shirts for Lolo, and we found a doggie bed for Brownie (her new dog) for just $10. And then we stopped at Schlotzky’s on the way home. I recommend the vegetarian special pizza, without the cheese.  It is really fantastic.  When we got back here, we found that Joe and Kyle (THANK YOU!!) had moved my piano back into the living room. So I made Lolo listen to me play a song, and then we stood outside and talked. Joe got home and wowed us with his mad guitar skillz.

I’m so out of practice on the piano, and I couldn’t find an eighth of my music books. But it was so lovely to just sit and play.  We were worried it would be unbearably out of tune–it’s been years since we had it tuned last–but there are only a couple of seriously jarring notes. It will be all right until we can get someone out to tune it. And I forgot how much Joe and I loved making music together–he sits by me with his 12-string acoustic, and we play and sing.  Of course, he both plays and sings far better than I do, but it’s not really about who’s better. It’s about creating something beautiful together.

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An Apology

Tonight after dinner (mmmm, pei-wei), we went by Pat & Clover’s. Joe had some guitars he wanted to show off, and Tater Tot had an invention he wanted to show off. It was a mutual thing, and much showing-off was done. At one point, I dashed out for candy and came home loaded with all kinds of yummy stuff. Tater Tot’s still a little guy, in some ways, and after a handful of fun-sized kit kats, he was wired.  I got goofy and picked him up and threw him over the back of the couch. Only I let go too soon, and let’s just say that I dropped him on the back of the couch with only one of his legs cleared. The look on his face was classic as he doubled up in pain, clutched his jewels, and had to listen to my apologies through hysterical laughter. I’m sorry, kiddo, I can imagine, but based on your reaction probably not nearly well enough, what that felt like, and I definitely owe you one. One what I’m not sure, but one. Maybe a trip to the candy store and then a movie with popcorn & coke. Then I’ll take you back home and let Clover deal with you. 🙂 mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha

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