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Sisters! There were never such devoted sisters!

First and foremost, there is the Incomparable Izzybella, she who has been the sister the longest, she who nearly snatched me baldheaded when she was a baby, she whom I made every effort to spoil and yet has remained unspoiled.

Then there is the redhead. She’s not around anymore, but she’s never very far from my thoughts. Especially this week, for some reason, I keep thinking about my redheaded sister and wishing I could give her a big hug and tell her I love her.

And now there’s the new sister, FreakyAngel. She’s a freak because she’s in love with my redneck brother, and she’s an angel because she’s in love with my redneck brother.  They’re getting married on Sunday, and since she’s not here and we’re not there to do the sisters traditional pre-wedding shopathon, Izzy and I are doing the pre-wedding shopathon tomorrow night and express mailing everything to Illinois so it will be there in time for the wedding.

Those are the legal official sisters. But my list of sisters doesn’t stop there.

There’s the Sunshiney Jehara sister, whom we adore madly and still complain that such a sunny place as Phoenix did NOT need to take our Sunshine away.  She’s getting married in November, and we’re planning fun pre-wedding things, but I guess it probably won’t be a shopahon. Unless she wants one. Does she want one? Hmmmm? There will be a pre-wedding slumber party, and it will be really fun. And then there will be a post-wedding masquerade party, and in honour of Jehara and PastaMan the normally intractable Izzybella has agreed to dress up! Woot!

We also have a lovely purply amethesty sister who doesn’t often keep in touch (HINT! HINT!) but whom we love all the time.

There is a beautiful ornery pain-in-the-butt sister who was one of my sisters and then she wasn’t. She is still Izzy’s sister, because Izzy is a saint and hasn’t managed to piss her off too much yet. And she is sort of Jehara’s sister, but it’s odd. It’s all very odd. I’m still really pissed at her, but when I found my Rember book this week and saw some pages she wrote in it, I thought that it would be sweet to remember that even if she hates me now, she loved me once.

And there are really good friends who are moving into a sisterly slot, like Lolo whom Izzy has not yet, but I foresee that it will be an auspicious occassion. There will be good food (Spiral Diner, we love you); there will be laughter; and there may be a post-prandial shopathon.

So tonight I’m really grateful for all my sisters, the ones who are here and the ones who aren’t, and I love you all, even the one I sometimes would like to kick in the bum. and the redhead. always the redhead. Love you.


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