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Maybe I’m Amazed

I don’t know what that song has to do with this blog post. I know only that it’s my current earworm. Joe saw Paul McCartney last week, and he’s been reading and listening and playing which means I’ve been hearing and playing. I  would have loved to have seen him, but I have such a paralyzing fear of being in large crowds that I cannot make myself go to concerts.

Anyway, tonight I went to see Harry Potter again. The sixth time, yeah. They’re down to two showings a day, which makes me think it’s the last week it’ll be at Rave. All-time best movie line? “Not to mention the pincers. click-click click-click click-click.” and the way Hagrid looked at him.  I totally love the mechanical Umbridge in the twins’ joke shop riding the tightrope and balancing buckets of liquid that are constantly threatening to slop out as she screams that she must have order!

There was a little time before the movie, so I stopped in at Earthbound Trading Company.  I picked out 3 thumb rings and a peace bracelet. And I bought some incense. And a really beautiful hand-made paper photo album. While I was waiting for the movie to start, I put one thumb ring on one thumb, and another on the other. I have a thing for thumb rings, even though I sometimes have difficulty getting ones that fit just right. And one of the ones I got today apparently didn’t fit right, because it landed in the toilet when I leaned over to flush. I need not remark that I did not make any attempt to retrieve it, just bought another one at Earthbound on my way back to the car after the movie. So I literally flushed my $2.99 down the toilet.

I’ve been feeling lonely lately, and I’m not sure why. It’s just a feeling that won’t go away.   My mood ring was greyish-black, and that was before I flushed it down the toilet.

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