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book blogging

Last year I faithfully kept track of every book I read.  And then it turned into a crazy goal to average at least one book per day. Hey, I’m a fast reader, I could do it. And I did. But the last few weeks turned out to be more about the goal than about the books. So this year when I started keeping my list of books read, I stopped fairly early on because I didn’t want to end up doing the same thing. The net result is that I’ve read far fewer books, and amused myself with other time wasters (facebook, anyone?). Not to imply that reading is a time waster. It’s not.

Anyway, Soleil left a comment on my 2009 page, and after thinking about things I decided she was right. I need to go back to keeping track of the books I read. That 2008 list was awfully handy when I want to recommend a book to someone, or an author, or want to know if I’ve read something or not. Lacking the scratch to pay my library fine just now, I slipped into Half Price Books this afternoon and bought a selection from the clearance rack. And it’s my hotel weekend, so I’m getting ready to take my medicine and flop into a nice soft bed with lots of nice soft pillows, and read until I fall asleep.

So look on Monday for my 2009 page to be updated. I can’t go back and remember everything I’ve read so far, but I can start where I am and go forward.  And if you’ve got any recommendations for me, check my 2008 page, and leave me a note here or on the 2009 page. I’ll get it. Thanks!

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