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Live & Learn

Remember this post, where I talked about the Warhol tote bag and the wrath of the purse gods?  I’m telling you, those purse gods do not kid around.

Tonight I went to Ross to get a baby outfit for a co-worker’s eagerly anticipated arrival. I found an absolutely darling dark blue onesie with the Cat in the Hat on the front. Really cute.

And, well, I can’t go to Ross without going through the clothes racks. Fortunately, tonight I was out of luck, and only ended up with a pair of blue jeans on clearance for $10. I think I bought them as much for the fact that they’re 2 sizes smaller than I was wearing 6 months ago as for the fact that they are really flattering.

And a trip to Ross would be totally wasted without going through the housewares and home decor aisles, where I found the perfect housewarming gift for Jehara and Pasta Man’s new home they haven’t found yet, and a squat little vase that was definitely made with my living room in mind.

As I was going through the housewares aisles, I saw a handbag someone had abandoned. It was beautiful. Gunmetal grey, large, made with my personality in mind. I recalled the curse the purse gods had placed upon my head for not purchasing the Warhol tote, and then and there decided that I would buy that purse if the Warhol tote was not there.

Lo and behold, the Warhol tote *was* there, and it was on clearance for half-price. Of course the moment I saw it I wrenched it from its little hanger thingie and put it in my cart.  The dilemma: dare I risk the purse gods’ wrath and buy only the Warhol tote? Would the gunmetal grey bag then become the new “I should have bought that when I saw it” purse?   I suppose I need not tell you that the gunmetal grey purse is in my living room with my wallet & keys inside.

My Grannie once told me that I could stretch a dollar further than anyone else she knew. I don’t think she meant it as a compliment, but I’ll take it as one. I spent as much money on the vase, the jeans, the cat-in-the-hat onesie, the housewarming gift, the Warhol tote, AND the gunmetal grey handbag as I would have if I’d bought the handbag at full price.  (If you want a personal shopper, send me an e-mail. I’m a great decorator and love to shop.)

Tonight’s sleep will be sweet.


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