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Another post about the joys of home ownership. 

The paint along our eaves and soffits has been chipping away, no longer the pristine creamy colour we picked out when we moved in. And the City says that we have to paint it.

Our back door needs replacing. We bought the replacement door ages ago, and it’s still hanging on its frame in the dining room, where we shove it aside and back again in front of the music room.

Our kitchen floor needs replacing. Our kitchen cabinets need replacing.

We need a storm door with a doggie door so Scout will let his beleaguered parents sleep through the night without having to get up and let him out every time his fancy dictates. There have been nights when his whimpering wakes me up, and I’ve begged him to just go pee somewhere and let me sleep. But will he? Oh, no, not he!  And this is the dog who pees EVERYWHERE! I swear I think he’s hopped up onto  my cedar chest to pee on the clothes I had piled up there to get put away that now have to be rewashed.

So $750 plus the cost of materials is getting us some handyman work from a friend of a neighbour. He’ll replace the wood that’s rotted along the eaves. He’ll paint the outside of the house. He’ll put on the back door and the storm door.

Of course, that still leaves the fence that needs to be moved closer to the house, along with the kitchen stuff, but one step at a time, right? At least when the City comes out they will have to find something besides the exterior of the house and the appearance of the yard to complain about.

I frequently reminisce about different apartments in which I’ve lived. If the toilet broke, I called them and they came and fixed it. And when the bathtub faucet decided it would no longer consent to being turned off, I called them and they fixed it. No lawns, no worries about having to replace rotting wood on the eaves, no having to move fences.

Okay, neighbours, and I can’t play the piano at 2 a.m. if I want to, so I guess it probably balances out.  But there are days, aren’t there?

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No, scratch that. It was Saturday at the mall. And as lame and pathetic as that might sound, it was actually a great day.

After being up so late last night, I slept in this morning and my sweet honey let me. I feel really bad about missing Saturday breakfast with the parental units, but if they called me I did not hear the phone ring, or at least if I did I was asleep when I talked to them. Lolo came over about 11, and we headed for Grapevine Mills. And we walked and walked and walked. Okay, so we stopped for lunch at Chili’s (their southwestern veggie soup is seriously good), and watched a movie (A Perfect Getaway, which we both liked but we didn’t like the fact that the people who were behind us kept kicking our seats), but except for that we walked.

Did I mention we walked?

We found some really cute shirts for Lolo, and we found a doggie bed for Brownie (her new dog) for just $10. And then we stopped at Schlotzky’s on the way home. I recommend the vegetarian special pizza, without the cheese.  It is really fantastic.  When we got back here, we found that Joe and Kyle (THANK YOU!!) had moved my piano back into the living room. So I made Lolo listen to me play a song, and then we stood outside and talked. Joe got home and wowed us with his mad guitar skillz.

I’m so out of practice on the piano, and I couldn’t find an eighth of my music books. But it was so lovely to just sit and play.  We were worried it would be unbearably out of tune–it’s been years since we had it tuned last–but there are only a couple of seriously jarring notes. It will be all right until we can get someone out to tune it. And I forgot how much Joe and I loved making music together–he sits by me with his 12-string acoustic, and we play and sing.  Of course, he both plays and sings far better than I do, but it’s not really about who’s better. It’s about creating something beautiful together.

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An Apology

Tonight after dinner (mmmm, pei-wei), we went by Pat & Clover’s. Joe had some guitars he wanted to show off, and Tater Tot had an invention he wanted to show off. It was a mutual thing, and much showing-off was done. At one point, I dashed out for candy and came home loaded with all kinds of yummy stuff. Tater Tot’s still a little guy, in some ways, and after a handful of fun-sized kit kats, he was wired.  I got goofy and picked him up and threw him over the back of the couch. Only I let go too soon, and let’s just say that I dropped him on the back of the couch with only one of his legs cleared. The look on his face was classic as he doubled up in pain, clutched his jewels, and had to listen to my apologies through hysterical laughter. I’m sorry, kiddo, I can imagine, but based on your reaction probably not nearly well enough, what that felt like, and I definitely owe you one. One what I’m not sure, but one. Maybe a trip to the candy store and then a movie with popcorn & coke. Then I’ll take you back home and let Clover deal with you. 🙂 mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha

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Honest!  Like tonight. Tonight was the big shopping night. It went kinda like this:

  • Izzybella arrives at the house, meets Lolo, loves on the dogs for a few moments, and then we walk out the door.
  • Lolo heads for her car and goes home while Izzy and I head for her car.
  • We arrive at the nail salon. What? I said I had my priorities straight! We’re used to the Saturday morning express 35-minute pedicures. We figured we’d be in and out by 6:30.  But there wasn’t a wait, and they were perhaps a little bored, because we got Thursday evening great calf & foot massage pedicures and it ended up taking just over an hour. Oops! But Izzy has cute red toenails and I have emo black toenails.
  • We’re headed for Ross when we see the spectacular lightning show taking place. Detour! Turn right to go to the mall where they have covered parking.
  • Penney’s had some nice pants for Patrick, but we didn’t want to buy them until we knew what Kellee would be wearing.  Penney’s had some nice dresses, but nothing that was quite right.
  • Macy’s had a couple of cuteish items, but again, nothing that was quite right.
  • We were sweating. Maybe that’s why the cute guy at the expensive hand lotion kiosk was rather enthusiastic in offering the free samples that we rejected not just because we were in a hurry.  And our hair was frizzing, which might be why the cute girl at the hair straightening kiosk offered to fix our frizz, and demo her fantastic flatiron, but we rejected that only because we were in a hurry.
  • Lane Bryant was on the way to Dillard’s, so we stopped in but, yep, you guessed it, nothing was quite right.
  • We got to Dillard’s, read the store map wrong, and took the scenic route to the third floor. We found the perfect dress twenty or thirty times, but apparently each dress wasn’t perfect because it wasn’t in her size or was something that Izzy or I might like but Kellee might not.
  • I said a fervent prayer and kept looking.
  • Izzy kept looking, too, and she found a lovely top.  Then we found the perfect skirt to go with it. And then we had to find someone who would take our money. The girl at one designer counter told us she wasn’t allowed to ring up our purchases, and sent us to a different counter. But not only did someone eventually take our money in exchange for the clothes, they ended up being on even deeper sale than we realized. Woot!
  • Stop at Claires to get jewelry. Pay for it. Realize that Claires was exhorbitantly overpriced, but we got cute stuff and Kellee’s worth it.
  • In the home stretch, but wait–Godiva was pulling us in with its chocolately goodness powered tractor beam. Wrrrrrt, and we were suddenly at the counter, powerless to resist. Three truffles to provide immediate sustenance and two candy bars to get us each through tomorrow later, and we were truckin’. Upon editing, I realize that sounds like we each got 3 truffles and two candy bars. That’s not what happened. We each got one truffle, and a free one that we were going to share but Izzy doesn’t like champagne truffles so I ate it all by myself. And we each got one candy bar to have tomorrow, or whenever we need a dose of rich creamy chocolately goodness.
  • Think suddenly that Earthbound Trading Company has cool jewelry and maybe we’d find something we liked better there. We found great earrings, but we decided what we got at the other place just fit right.
  • Stop at Payless to buy shoes. Found seriously cute shoes, paid, and we’re there, back where we started.
  • Penney’s again. We find a pair of pants for the bro that will coordinate nicely with Kellee’s outfit, and find a nice shirt.  We pay, and do a mental high-five because we were done.
  • Did I mention that we were done? We were so done that we couldn’t decide where to have some dinner. We ended up at Red Robin (I eat there or at Genghis Grille once a week). I got my second wind and a serious laugh attack that rivaled the infamous pithy grapefruit incident, but Izzy was just done. She’s had a long, long week. (If you want to know what caused the serious laugh attack, think of a Mad-libs game where every word provided is a variation of one particular four-letter word. It was funny. Seriously. I’m not sure Izzy saw the humour, but when she looks at the coaster that I filled in with her word choice tomorrow, she’ll laugh. Maybe.) (Oh, and referring to the priorities being straight, my dinner was fried zucchini. I ate one piece with the fried stuff, and another piece and a half without the fried stuff. It was better without.) (do you think maybe when I go next time I can ask for the fried zucchini, only not fried? that would make a pleasant addition to my now-standard wrap with avocado and salad, because everything has egg or cheese or milk in it.)
  • Then it was home, and now I’m here blogging and wondering if the caffeinated soda I had two of at dinner would counter the effects of my nightly meds that make me sleep. So far the caffeine’s winning out.

There you have it. Cute toes, caffeine & chocolate, and a wedding outfit for the bride and groom. Could you do any better? (Hint: if you’re smart, no matter what the truth is, you will answer brzzzzzzt NO!) (I’ve never had black toenails before. Maybe it’s not emo. Maybe it’s just dorky, but that’s okay. I think we have established that I am a dork.) (Hi Kellee!)

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Sisters! There were never such devoted sisters!

First and foremost, there is the Incomparable Izzybella, she who has been the sister the longest, she who nearly snatched me baldheaded when she was a baby, she whom I made every effort to spoil and yet has remained unspoiled.

Then there is the redhead. She’s not around anymore, but she’s never very far from my thoughts. Especially this week, for some reason, I keep thinking about my redheaded sister and wishing I could give her a big hug and tell her I love her.

And now there’s the new sister, FreakyAngel. She’s a freak because she’s in love with my redneck brother, and she’s an angel because she’s in love with my redneck brother.  They’re getting married on Sunday, and since she’s not here and we’re not there to do the sisters traditional pre-wedding shopathon, Izzy and I are doing the pre-wedding shopathon tomorrow night and express mailing everything to Illinois so it will be there in time for the wedding.

Those are the legal official sisters. But my list of sisters doesn’t stop there.

There’s the Sunshiney Jehara sister, whom we adore madly and still complain that such a sunny place as Phoenix did NOT need to take our Sunshine away.  She’s getting married in November, and we’re planning fun pre-wedding things, but I guess it probably won’t be a shopahon. Unless she wants one. Does she want one? Hmmmm? There will be a pre-wedding slumber party, and it will be really fun. And then there will be a post-wedding masquerade party, and in honour of Jehara and PastaMan the normally intractable Izzybella has agreed to dress up! Woot!

We also have a lovely purply amethesty sister who doesn’t often keep in touch (HINT! HINT!) but whom we love all the time.

There is a beautiful ornery pain-in-the-butt sister who was one of my sisters and then she wasn’t. She is still Izzy’s sister, because Izzy is a saint and hasn’t managed to piss her off too much yet. And she is sort of Jehara’s sister, but it’s odd. It’s all very odd. I’m still really pissed at her, but when I found my Rember book this week and saw some pages she wrote in it, I thought that it would be sweet to remember that even if she hates me now, she loved me once.

And there are really good friends who are moving into a sisterly slot, like Lolo whom Izzy has not yet, but I foresee that it will be an auspicious occassion. There will be good food (Spiral Diner, we love you); there will be laughter; and there may be a post-prandial shopathon.

So tonight I’m really grateful for all my sisters, the ones who are here and the ones who aren’t, and I love you all, even the one I sometimes would like to kick in the bum. and the redhead. always the redhead. Love you.

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Maybe I’m Amazed

I don’t know what that song has to do with this blog post. I know only that it’s my current earworm. Joe saw Paul McCartney last week, and he’s been reading and listening and playing which means I’ve been hearing and playing. I  would have loved to have seen him, but I have such a paralyzing fear of being in large crowds that I cannot make myself go to concerts.

Anyway, tonight I went to see Harry Potter again. The sixth time, yeah. They’re down to two showings a day, which makes me think it’s the last week it’ll be at Rave. All-time best movie line? “Not to mention the pincers. click-click click-click click-click.” and the way Hagrid looked at him.  I totally love the mechanical Umbridge in the twins’ joke shop riding the tightrope and balancing buckets of liquid that are constantly threatening to slop out as she screams that she must have order!

There was a little time before the movie, so I stopped in at Earthbound Trading Company.  I picked out 3 thumb rings and a peace bracelet. And I bought some incense. And a really beautiful hand-made paper photo album. While I was waiting for the movie to start, I put one thumb ring on one thumb, and another on the other. I have a thing for thumb rings, even though I sometimes have difficulty getting ones that fit just right. And one of the ones I got today apparently didn’t fit right, because it landed in the toilet when I leaned over to flush. I need not remark that I did not make any attempt to retrieve it, just bought another one at Earthbound on my way back to the car after the movie. So I literally flushed my $2.99 down the toilet.

I’ve been feeling lonely lately, and I’m not sure why. It’s just a feeling that won’t go away.   My mood ring was greyish-black, and that was before I flushed it down the toilet.

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thank you!!!!

Joe read my post the other day about perfumes, and was actually quite upset to realize that I was lusting over a perfume that he hadn’t yet purchased for me. I told him that it was fine–seriously, any time I’ve wanted one and told him bout it, he’s gotten it for me, even if he didn’t like it.

So when I got home today, he handed me a bag that contained the one I’ve been craving for over a year, but hadn’t mentioned to him because hello, expensive. A lovely bit bottle of Un Jardin sur le Nil, by Hermes. 

Sweetheart, if you’re reading this—thank you!!!  It was a very pleasant and unexpected surprise, and you know how good I’m smelling right now.

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