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Gotta love it

Don’t you love it when a big argument just falls totally flat?  Okay, so we did talk to each other last night and apologized for saying rotten things and not listening and so on.

And today on the way home from work, EllaDee and I first stopped at British Emporium to stock up on candy for the HPFest (they had mint humbugs, which I’ve never seen before, and I got some, and yum!). Then we stopped at Lowe’s to get the seal for the refrigerator. Only they didn’t have them. You have to special order them, which seems perfectly logical to me, even if it doesn’t help the immediate situation. I’ve avoided cleaning all the spoiled food out of the refrigerator until trash day (Thursday), because it’s bad enough with it spoiling at room temperature, and the thought of setting it out in a black plastic bag to spoil in 105 degree heat outside seemed worse.  So it gets to stay in there one more day, and I’ll get it all out tomorrow evening.  And I guess I’ll get a big bag of ice and use the cooler to keep my open rice milk in, because I seriously want some cereal.

It’s 6:19 as I type this. The movie starts at 11:59. Izzy gets off work at 6:30 and is coming here to pick me up; we’re going to go see Transformers so we’ll have something to do in the hours before the movie starts. And after Transformers lets out, if they’re not seating in the theatres yet, we’ll sit in the hall and have a rousing game of who would you do. (It’s tradition. And I’m really good at thinking of very disgusting options, so it shall be fun.)

Love to you all!!!!!


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