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Seriously Cheesed Off

  1. We have a crappy refrigerator. It’s so crappy that we had to have service out while it was still under warranty. This should have told us something.
  2. Every now and then the freezer freezes up and cold air stops going to the refrigerator. When this happens, we have to (a) throw away everything in the refrigerator; (b) take everything out of the freezer; (c) defrost the freezer; (d) replace the food back in the freezer; (e) scrub out the refrigerator; and (f) go shopping to replace the earth balance margarine, rice dream rice milk (no this isn’t a sponsored post; I’m just specific about some things), and soy mayonnaise.
  3. The refrigerator stopped blowing cold air on Saturday.  There is a little ice in the freezer, but not like it usually gets.
  4. I investigated further. The seal on the refrigerator door isn’t air-tight. As in, I could close the refrigerator door and still shove a paperback book between the crack. Okay, I’m exaggerating. Not a paperback book. But a magazine. Glamour, or Lucky, not a thin one like Time. A fat magazine. Got that?
  5. I was talking to my friend EllaDee about it, and she told me that I can get a replacement seal from Lowe’s. She also said that we can pick one up on the way home from work tomorrow, and she’ll help me get it installed.
  6. I called Joe to tell him that. His response? (a) If it costs more than $20, which I don’t know yet, it’s not worth it. EXCUSE ME? If I spend $25 to replace the seal on the refrigerator door, thus ensuring that it will stay cold and keep my fruit and staples fresh, it’s not worth it, so let’s go buy a new refrigerator???  (b) Don’t do it until he comes home. He’ll do it. EXCUSE ME? So I’m supposed to live without a refrigerator until he’s able to take care of it? I can’t drink a whole carton of Rice Dream for breakfast. And I happen to like that on my cereal (raisin bran crunch this week). Water on the cereal just doesn’t work. Not that I tried it. I don’t want to try it. Plus the raspberries and blackberries I bought at Target got moldy and I can’t eat them. And I know there are many people throughout the world who don’t have refrigerators, and I probably sound like a whiny brat. That would be because I am, frequently, a whiny brat. However, I reserve the right to be a whiny brat when I’m stuck at home with a non-working refrigerator while he’s living it up in hotel suites and eating on an expense account. (c) The seal on the refrigerator door is just fine. The problem is that the freezer is frozen up. EXCUSE ME? Apparently I’m so stupid that I think there’s a problem with the seal when in fact there isn’t a problem. I can’t really shove a Glamour or Lucky magazine through the gap. I just left the door open or something. And if I just defrost the freezer everything will be fine.
  7. I’m still buying the seal for the refrigerator door tomorrow. And I’ll gratefully accept EllaDee’s offer to help me get it put on the door. And then I’m going to open up a carton of rice dream and have a big bowl of cereal before Izzybella and I go see HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE at the midnight show tomorrow.

I love my husband. And he loves me. But sometimes we get on each other’s nerves. Tonight was one of those times.

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