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my muse amuseth me

Sometimes I get crazy freaky book ideas that I can’t wait to get started on, only when I do get started I realize that I’m not ready to write them yet. I have a very puckish muse.

So if I tell you that yesterday I had an amazing idea, and within 24 hours had 4500 words written, that should say something. And if I further tell you that I didn’t listen to Harry Potter on the way home from work today (EllaDee took the day off to help her parents move) because I was plotting and planning deeds most dastardly, that should say something more.

Every now and again Puck does something right, whether he intends to or not (and usually the “or not” wins out).

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and no one lost an eye! 🙂

The incomparable izzybella and I made a daytrip out to East Texas to visit our Uncle L & Aunt M.  I took my spiffy new camcorder with me, and recorded some of the gorgeous scenery on the way out. It was great to see them, as always.  Izzy and I blabbed all the way there and yakked most of the way back. Whenever the two of us are alone together, some serious talking happens. Like, do you believe in ghosts? (Yes, we do.) Do you believe that Oswald (a) shot Kennedy (b) acted alone and/or (c) was a patsy? (One of us has an opinion, the other doesn’t.) One of us believes in Area 51, and the other laughed incredulously. One of us thinks one of the fun things about getting older is allowing oneself to believe all kinds of crazy things! Which classes would we like/suck at if we were Hogwarts students? (Izzy would like: charms, herbology, DADA, divination, transfiguration, Muggle studies; would suck at Potions; and wouldn’t go anywhere near Runes or Care of Magical Creatures.  Chauceriangirl would love: potions, charms, DADA, transfiguration, Muggle studies; would probably do okay but not get into Herbology; and would go nowhere near Runes or Care of Magical Creatures.) And while we’re on the topic, I must state here and now that if I had a wand and could do magic, I’d be the best housekeeper in the world. Seriously! I’d point my wand at the laundry, and levitate it over to the washing machine, and then to the dryer, and then make it put itself away. And wouldn’t it be great when you had to clean the bathroom? Scourgify and you’re done.

Speaking of housework, when I got home I put away a pile of clothes–I know! Scary, isn’t it?–and then Joe and I went out for a fantastic dinner at CPK. We started off with their tuscan hummus, and I got a cup of smashed pea soup and a salad, and he got the soup & a pepperoni pizza. He wanted to go to a movie, but seeing as how I drank 4 glasses of water at the restaurant, that sooooo wasn’t happening. We ended up at B&N instead.  I got a cool book on collaging, and he got some guitar magazines.

Somehow I had gotten a rolling stones song stuck in my head, so while we were there I thought I’d go get a stones cd. But when I went back to the music/dvd section, they had this great music playing. Carmen, but with a rocky twist. The guy back there told me who it was when he saw me doing my version of the snoopy dance. I said I liked it, and kept looking at the dvd’s, and kept doing the snoopy dance, and finally said, “Oh, heck, I’m getting it! Shame on you!” He just laughed. They’ve sold a lot of copies of this CD, and he told me not to listen to it before bed. So I’m going to put it on tomorrow morning. But if you’re interested, it’s David Garrett. (I just checked out the front of the CD to make sure I had the name right. He’s hot!)

Izzy and I stopped at an outlet mall on the way to Longview, since we were running early. The jeans I just got back into this week were feeling really yucky baggy around my thighs, so I decided to be brave and try on a pair of classic cut straightleg jeans. Nice. Seriously.  I have a strong feeling that my gut’s going to be the last thing to go, but my thighs are noticeably slimmer than they used to be. Of course, after feeling all cute and everything, I caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom at B&N. I’ve got a loooong way to go, baby.

There was a little marble Elvis bust at B&N. I wanted to get it for Sunshine & Pasta Man so they’d always remember us (& Spiral), but it’ll have to wait.

Video will come eventually. I have to install the software and read the manual.

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The refrigerator? Joe fixed it. What was wrong with it, you might ask. Um, well, the seal was off its tracks and there was some ice underneath the freezer part. So okay, I have absolutely no handyman skills. I can cook, I can bake, I can write, I can clean if I must, but don’t ask me to fix anything ’cause you’ll regret it.

Did something to my knee today, too. I’m not quite sure what. It’s been hurting for a week or so, and today I was sitting at my desk and started to turn around. It made a dreadful noise and immediately began hurting steadily. I’ll go see the doctor Friday afternoon and see if he can figure out what’s wrong.

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Gotta love it

Don’t you love it when a big argument just falls totally flat?  Okay, so we did talk to each other last night and apologized for saying rotten things and not listening and so on.

And today on the way home from work, EllaDee and I first stopped at British Emporium to stock up on candy for the HPFest (they had mint humbugs, which I’ve never seen before, and I got some, and yum!). Then we stopped at Lowe’s to get the seal for the refrigerator. Only they didn’t have them. You have to special order them, which seems perfectly logical to me, even if it doesn’t help the immediate situation. I’ve avoided cleaning all the spoiled food out of the refrigerator until trash day (Thursday), because it’s bad enough with it spoiling at room temperature, and the thought of setting it out in a black plastic bag to spoil in 105 degree heat outside seemed worse.  So it gets to stay in there one more day, and I’ll get it all out tomorrow evening.  And I guess I’ll get a big bag of ice and use the cooler to keep my open rice milk in, because I seriously want some cereal.

It’s 6:19 as I type this. The movie starts at 11:59. Izzy gets off work at 6:30 and is coming here to pick me up; we’re going to go see Transformers so we’ll have something to do in the hours before the movie starts. And after Transformers lets out, if they’re not seating in the theatres yet, we’ll sit in the hall and have a rousing game of who would you do. (It’s tradition. And I’m really good at thinking of very disgusting options, so it shall be fun.)

Love to you all!!!!!

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Seriously Cheesed Off

  1. We have a crappy refrigerator. It’s so crappy that we had to have service out while it was still under warranty. This should have told us something.
  2. Every now and then the freezer freezes up and cold air stops going to the refrigerator. When this happens, we have to (a) throw away everything in the refrigerator; (b) take everything out of the freezer; (c) defrost the freezer; (d) replace the food back in the freezer; (e) scrub out the refrigerator; and (f) go shopping to replace the earth balance margarine, rice dream rice milk (no this isn’t a sponsored post; I’m just specific about some things), and soy mayonnaise.
  3. The refrigerator stopped blowing cold air on Saturday.  There is a little ice in the freezer, but not like it usually gets.
  4. I investigated further. The seal on the refrigerator door isn’t air-tight. As in, I could close the refrigerator door and still shove a paperback book between the crack. Okay, I’m exaggerating. Not a paperback book. But a magazine. Glamour, or Lucky, not a thin one like Time. A fat magazine. Got that?
  5. I was talking to my friend EllaDee about it, and she told me that I can get a replacement seal from Lowe’s. She also said that we can pick one up on the way home from work tomorrow, and she’ll help me get it installed.
  6. I called Joe to tell him that. His response? (a) If it costs more than $20, which I don’t know yet, it’s not worth it. EXCUSE ME? If I spend $25 to replace the seal on the refrigerator door, thus ensuring that it will stay cold and keep my fruit and staples fresh, it’s not worth it, so let’s go buy a new refrigerator???  (b) Don’t do it until he comes home. He’ll do it. EXCUSE ME? So I’m supposed to live without a refrigerator until he’s able to take care of it? I can’t drink a whole carton of Rice Dream for breakfast. And I happen to like that on my cereal (raisin bran crunch this week). Water on the cereal just doesn’t work. Not that I tried it. I don’t want to try it. Plus the raspberries and blackberries I bought at Target got moldy and I can’t eat them. And I know there are many people throughout the world who don’t have refrigerators, and I probably sound like a whiny brat. That would be because I am, frequently, a whiny brat. However, I reserve the right to be a whiny brat when I’m stuck at home with a non-working refrigerator while he’s living it up in hotel suites and eating on an expense account. (c) The seal on the refrigerator door is just fine. The problem is that the freezer is frozen up. EXCUSE ME? Apparently I’m so stupid that I think there’s a problem with the seal when in fact there isn’t a problem. I can’t really shove a Glamour or Lucky magazine through the gap. I just left the door open or something. And if I just defrost the freezer everything will be fine.
  7. I’m still buying the seal for the refrigerator door tomorrow. And I’ll gratefully accept EllaDee’s offer to help me get it put on the door. And then I’m going to open up a carton of rice dream and have a big bowl of cereal before Izzybella and I go see HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE at the midnight show tomorrow.

I love my husband. And he loves me. But sometimes we get on each other’s nerves. Tonight was one of those times.

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Any questions?

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I don’t have children. (and I may have mentioned that a few times–:) )  And every now and then Joe will start fretting about who’s going to take care of me when I’m an old lady with crazy purple hair.

He doesn’t have to worry, though.  See, Clover has awesome kids, and we love them madly, and they love us and put up with us despite us being weirdos (according to A-banana).  When they get married and have kids, we’ll get to be honourary grandparents. And when I’m that doddering old lady with crazy purple hair who talks to herself out loud in the store and buys cat food for all the strays–well, A-banana and her brothers will make sure I don’t wander off somewhere and board a bus to Poughkeepsie.

And if I do end up in Poughkeepsie? They’ll come get me.

Thanks, Clover & Pat, for making such awesome kids and letting us share them. 🙂

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