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13 thoughts about veganism

  1. My health. I know, so mundane and selfish. But I’d been looking very seriously into having lap band surgery, and had the insurance company not seriously pissed me off, I’d probably be banded by now.  Since going vegan, I’ve lost 20 pounds and kept them off, and I’ve got a lot more energy.
  2. Animal rights. Because I so obsessively research anything on my mind, by now I’ve watched shows about factory farming of animals. Meet your Meat  had me literally sobbing.
  3. My dogs. The day I made the decision, I looked into their loving eyes, and asked myself if I would eat them. The answer, of course, was a vehement no! I asked myself if I would want dogs and cats squeezed ino a space where they don’t even have room to turn around, and once again the answer was no!
  4. I watched a very brief clip about a dog trainer given the challenge to train two pigs in three weeks. When she first met the pigs, who had never had room to even turn around, they were running around a room as joyously and as quickly as my dog Scout. 
  5. The documentary King Korn showed the ghastly results of cattle being fed corn. They had tumors because their bodies were not meant to ingest corn in such extreme quantities, but they were still deemed fit for human consumption.
  6. The sight of chicks being debeaked before they are crammed into holding cages where they are forced to produce eggs until they’re no longer viable, at which point they’re cruelly slaughtered.
  7. The tremendous amount of foods I can cook and prepare at home. It’s better than just about any restaurant I’ve ever been to, and even my omni husband has started to look forward to my new concoctions.
  8. The online vegan community. I’ve found a lot of help, encouragement, and information, and it makes it a little easier on the days I think I’d do just about anything for a grilled cheese sandwich.
  9. Being vegan keeps me away from the fast-food restaurants that were my mainstay. After reading Fast Food Nation a couple of years ago, I decided to be vegetarian. It worked for a while, but I was very dismayed at how hard it was for me when I decided to go vegan for a week. So I continued to drink gallons of soda, eat grilled cheese sandwiches and french fries, and stayed just as fat as ever. But now there are only a few places that I’m comfortable going to, and the selections there are so limited that I just don’t go.
  10. The farming that needs to be done in order to feed the cattle to death could feed so many more people if they went directly to people in the form of food, rather than beef or pork.
  11. So even though I began as a health vegan, I am becoming an ethical vegan, and an environmentalist vegan. There’s a circle of life here (not to rip off Disney), and it could be so much more compassionate and thorough than it is.
  12. I really like vanilla rice milk, and when I want chocolate, the chocolate almond milk tastes fantastic.
  13. When I went vegan, I went cold turkey off caffeine in every form. It turns out that for me, the caffeine was causing the very effects I used it to alleviate.


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