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You know what having a dental phobia, combined with bad teeth, means? It means you don’t go to the dentist any oftener than you can help, and definitely a lot less often than you should.

I went to the dentist yesterday. Yeah. Good times.

The broken tooth that’s been causing me agony since last Thursday or Friday has an abscess. So he prescribed penicillin. He also said that a root canal and crown aren’t feasible because of my sinuses. I didn’t know that sinuses affected the roots of one’s teeth, but apparently they do. So because I’m a long-time sinus/allergy sufferer, the sinuses on the right side of my mouth are so big that the roots of that tooth are all curvy, which makes a root canal difficult, if not impossible. So I have to see an oral surgeon for an extraction.

The extraction will probably be on Tuesday. Guess what else is on Tuesday?

Dad’s and the Monster’s 25th wedding anniversary & dinner. Even if I weren’t vegan, I obviously won’t be in the mood for steak or salmon. Dry potato and steamed veggies, that’s what I’ll be chowing down on. But that night isn’t about me. It’s about them. And they’re pretty cool, in the dorkiest sense of that phrase.

Anyway, this dentist is a lot more house-of-Josephy than the last one I had. That’s a good thing. It means I felt comfortable enough to call this afternoon when the penicillin was making me incredibly nauseated, and to ask for a couple of pain pills to get me through until the antibiotics start working. And his office was fantastic about it. Called me right back, called in the prescriptions, and I just took my first dose of the new antibiotic and a pain pill. I’m really hoping it works–I’ve spent most of the day with one hand over my mouth hoping I wouldn’t barf, and the other hand putting pressure on the right side of my mouth hoping the pain would go away.

Joe should be back home tomorrow. I told the dogs. I don’t know quite how much they understand, but they will definitely be doing the Papa’s Home Polka (TM) tomorrow afternoon. Scout was doing his patented Rocket Dog routine for me this afternoon. I wish you could see it, it’s so cute. He starts squiggling and squirming, and then jumps down and bolts out the back door, races around the back yard, runs back into the house, jumps up to get some loves. Lather, rinse, and repeat ad infinitum.

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