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Good News

Not major news, just good news.

My job looks like it’s going to be shaping up. This month has been very odd. After 3+ years of being an administrative assistant at my company, working for the same people, doing the same job, working at the same desk (until we moved to our new building in November), I got moved to a different group and new management. I also am not an admin anymore. That’s good, because I’m just tired of it. No more admin, okay? But I didn’t really know what my job was. It’s been very s-l-ow-l-y getting figured out. But today I learned that it’s going to be very much better, with another new supervisor (but I’ve worked with her a lot, so we click. She also knows I’m Wonder Woman, which is a good thing.) and a spiffy new job title. Yay!

Izzy and I decided to postpone our getting together until tomorrow evening. It’s just such lovely cosy sleeping weather. I was hoping I’d be snuggled up in bed with a little dog, but he’s still hoping Joe will come back tonight, poor guy. Molly’s under the bed, because it’s been stormy today. And then I was going to stop on the way home and get some tofu for a tofu scramble for dinner, but I talked myself out of it. And then I was going to make some hummus and have it with some flatbread, but I talked myself out of that, too. I think I’m going to skip dinner tonight. I had a good-sized breakfast (Amy’s Organics black bean burrito and a banana) and a good-sized lunch (yes, Seven Salsas will make you a spinach and mushroom quesadilla without the cheese, and will leave the sour cream off your plate if you ask, although they may look at you funny, and it will taste very good and will have no grease at all), and I don’t really feel like eating. Shocker, I know. But I’ll make up for it tomorrow. Saturday, you know. That means oatmeal (squick).  But Izzy and I will go to Spiral later tomorrow afternoon, after my haircut and her laundry, and we shall feast. Dessert will probably happen, too. Spiral has yummy cake. They also have yummy cookie sundae thingies.

Speaking of Spiral, they’re having a cooking class that I’m eager to take, about vegan sources of protein, and they’ll teach us how to make seitan from scratch. Jehara’s taking the class with me, which will make it even more fun.  I’ve been wanting to try making some seitan but have been nervous about trying it. I think after seeing it made in front of me I’ll feel a little more confident.

P.S.–remember the cheeseless quesadilla I mentioned above? You’ll probably want to eat it with a fork, because there’s nothing to hold the veggies on, and it can get a little messy, what with spinach getting stuck in your teeth and mushrooms slipping out the sides. Not to mention guacamole on the fingers. But you can lick your fingers. And if it’s really good guacamole, you probably should lick your fingers. Don’t want to waste any.  Seven Salsas didn’t use any oil on it, so the tortillas were nice and dry and crispy. I’d recommend ordering it that way even if you’re not lucky enough to be near Seven Salsas.

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