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It’s So Nice!

I took a peanut butter sandwich for my lunch today (hint–crushed strawberries are even better than jam or jelly) along with some sliced orange bell peppers, mushrooms, and chopped tomato. However, since I just *had* to go to Half Price Books during lunch today, there wasn’t much time for eating, and the veggie compartment in my new Tiffin was still almost full when I got back home.

Sooooo…when I got home, I got some whole wheat angel hair pasta going in the pot and some olive oil in our big honkin’ skillet. I sauteed a few sliced shallots, some roasted garlic cloves, the remaining dressing I whipped up this morning (red wine vinegar, olive oil & herbes de provence), and the rest of the veggies until the pasta was done. After it was drained, I threw it into BHS (big honkin’ skillet) and tossed it until it was sizzling and everything was all mixed together. Joe gave it two thumbs up, and told me to write the recipe in one of my cookbooks. So I did. Not that there’s a recipe or anything,  but there you go.

Poor Joe had a double-plus unfun accident today. He was putting some stuff away in the cupboard, and saw a glass starting to fall. Just as he put his hand up to stop it, he realized that it had broken and the jagged edge was headed straight for his wrist. He’s got a nasty cut and, I think, only just escaped needing stitches. He’s even more frustrated by the fact that it means he can’t play guitar for a while, and he just got his hand back into playing form. He’s going out of town tomorrow to work on a project in Kansas City, so I’m hoping that being so busy will help distract him from things while his wrist heals up.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow night. The incomparable Izzybella is coming over to hang. We were originally planning to go have dinner at Spiral, but that was before Joe got sent out of town tomorrow morning. I always feel guilty when I’m at work all day, and then rush home to give the dogs a few minutes out before heading off again. So Izzy graciously consented to come over here. What shall I fix her for dinner?

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