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Oatmeal Again

I think in the course of this blog that I have pretty thoroughly documented my distaste for oatmeal. Nasty stuff. But I really like having breakfast with Dad & the Monster every Saturday morning, so oatmeal it is.

Dinner last night (and lunch today), on the other hand, was fantastic. I rummaged through my cupboards to see what I could come up with. Southerwestern seasoned quinoa. Sounded like a good  base. I found a thing of a Mexican bean-tortilla soup, and made it. Oh, nasty nasty disgusting yuck-o revolting slop that I poured down the sink.  But the quinoa was already halfway cooked. Convenience was obviously not to be had, but I’m trying to move away from pre-prepared & highly processed items anyway. I found a can of kidney beans, and I had just a teensy bit of onion and half a yellow bell pepper in the fridge. Okay, that gave me something to work with. I sizzled the onions & a fat clove of garlic in olive oil, sauteed the pepper, then added the beans and about half a jar of salsa. There was no need to add any additional seasonings, as the salsa was so flavourful. It came out great, and there was just enough left for Joe and me to finish it off for lunch today with fresh strawberries for dessert.

I think dinner tonight is going to be grilled portobello mushrooms and roasted potato wedges.

It was interesting today when we were at the grocery store. I had my list of a few recipes I’m aiming to try this week, so got the needed veggies for that. And we got some fruit (I’m in love with ambrosia apples and jazz apples, and clementines were still on sale for $3.99 for a big bag, and they had some blood oranges), some rice milk, some dried beans, and a little of this and that. When I was at the check-out stand (Joe having gone to get the car), I was very pleased to see the grocery bill only $85. That included a packet of dog treats for about $4.50, and a few other items that were around $4-5. We’ve been known frequently to leave that store having paid nearly $200 (gourmet cheeses, French butter, roasted turkey breast). So our changes in cooking and eating are having as huge an impact on our bank account as they are on my butt. Think of it–in the last couple of weeks, I have not once gone for fast food; I’ve been cooking at home and taking left-overs for lunch; we’re eating like royalty; and we know exactly what is in virtually everything we eat.

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