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Floury Prose

I didn’t go to work on Wednesday because I was sick. I pretty much spent the day in bed, complaining and whinging to no one (because no one was there to listen to me–lucky people!). I banged my leg on the cedar chest and got a nasty contusion, the pain of which pushed me over the edge and I sobbed for 10 minutes about how unfair life was.

Sometime during the evening, Scout knocked my cell phone off the cedar chest and onto the floor. I didn’t realize it until I heard a strange beeping, and realized that it wasn’t coming from the show I was watching on Netflix. My phone somehow got stuck in camera mode, and kept taking photographs. I tried to turn it off, to no avail. I took out the battery, waited for a bit, put the battery back in, and turned the phone on, hoping that it would be restored to normalcy. No such luck. Lather rinse and repeat, and about 4 attempts later I gave up, figuring the phone had given up the ghost.

I woke up on Thursday morning and realized I felt, if anything, worse than I had on Wednesday. So I emailed the office to let them know (since my phone wasn’t working); e-mailed my sisters to ask them to let Joe know; knocked back a slug of Nyquil; and went to sleep.

I got up to let the dogs out, and noticed that the bag of flour that had been on the table was on the floor, with Scout’s teethmarks in the bag. If I’d been conscious, I’d have thrown it away. But I wasn’t. I put it back on the table, figuring he’d learned his lesson and I’d throw it away later. Well, you can probably guess what happened. I didn’t throw it away. Scout spent most of the day sleeping under the covers curled up next to my back, and I alternated sleeping and watching Psych (love that show!) on DVD. I went to sleep probably around 8 p.m., knowing how tired I always am the first day out of bed after having been sick.

So this morning the alarm went off at 5:30. First I cried, then I watched last night’s episode of CSI at the CBS website (yes, izzy was right–I do watch too much CSI), then took a quick shower. When I headed toward the other end of the house, to make sure the dogs had enough food and water before I left for work, I was greeted with the inevitable results of my failure to throw away the bag of flour.

It was no longer on the table. Nor was it on the floor by the food dishes, although plenty of flour was strewn on the floor, providing proof that it had been there for a while.  The trail of flour led me to Molly’s bed, where the majority of the flour, still (thank goodness) in the bag, resided. I’m not sure why, but Scout sits in Molly’s bed when he’s doing his naughty chewing. I found one of my boots in there yesterday–have no idea where he got it from, because I’ve been perfect about putting my shoes on the closet shelf. This morning the bag of flour and an extremely mangled water bottle were in her bed. I shudder to think what horrors await me when I get home this afternoon.

He’s lucky he’s so dang cute! And cuddly. And warm. I love the little stinker!


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  • 11:55 Now the little dog’s snoring as loudly as Joe. (OK, in the interests of full disclosure, I snore more loudly than Joe. But I can’t hear it.) #
  • 11:56 @gypsygrrl Yeah, the distance thing. And my case of the crud. That too. 🙂 have fun!! #

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