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One of the side effects of the new meds is funky dreams (my words, not theirs). And since I already tend to have notoriously funky dreams, you can imagine what I’ve been dreaming about the last two nights.

The first night’s dreams had such things as my sitting in the living room taking a bath in a kiddie pool and talking to my mother, chasing a serial killer who actually killed me at one point (but it didn’t matter, because I had already backed up the dream and hit the play button again), and spending an hour styling my hair (if you know me, you’re laughing at this point).

Then last night the first batch of dreams had me visiting someone from church and spending a lot of time with her grandchildren (I don’t even know her beyond saying hello at church, and I have no idea if she even has children, much less grandchildren). The kids and I went out for ice cream, and it was only the second time the blond baby boy had tasted any ice cream. I was holding him in my lap and feeding him little bites of chocolate vanilla swirl, when one of his sisters or cousins made a joke about him eating the table. He stared at her, offended, and said, “The table is not digestible.”  I wish I could say that I woke up laughing at that, but the dream kept going until my bladder woke me up (seems to be another side effect with these meds–I’m up every hour or two all night).  The second batch of dreams that I remember had all  my girlfriends in it, and the first time it ended very unpleasantly. So once again I hit rewind and started it over again, determined not to make the same choices. And there was a major ice storm (more like an ice age) that hit Fort Worth, so one of my friends and I were on an ice ferry that was going east on I-30.  The captain of the ferry wouldn’t let us off, so my friend and I, and Captain Jack, performed a very military style mooning of the captain.

The dreams do seem to be lucid, as inevitably I get to a place where I realize that I don’t like what happened and that since it’s a dream I can change it. And very, very few of my regular dreams are lucid. So that’s been interesting. And I do like waking up and laughing at the weird things that happen in the dreams.

Now if I could just figure out why Willow Rosenberg was standing in for my friend Heather, most of my questions would be answered.

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