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Once Joe was thinking of naming a blues band Skillet-Head. It brought some funny mental images to mind, but he never got around to forming said band.

And what, you may be asking yourself, does that have to do with the price of tea in China?  Just this: I’ve been wanting a cast iron skillet for quite a while now. Um, not to hit my husband upside the head with it. That came out wrong. I’ve been wanting one so I can bake cornbread in it, among other things. But cast iron skillets can be a little hard to find. I’ve made several trips to Good Will and Thrift Town, where I have occasionally found a teeny tiny little cast iron skillet, big enough to fry one egg in, but hardly large enough for a pan of cornbread.

So last night I hit E-Bay. Oh, how I hate E-Bay, the site that’s suckered me into bidding on a vintage Crissy doll with original box (I will confess that I’m happy to once again have a Crissy doll, and Mom, I promise not to give her a mohawk this time because I’m old enough to understand that her hair won’t grow back), various books (I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much about those, since even with shipping they cost less than if I’d bought them even at Half-Price), and other assorted things that, fortunately, I did not win.

But I *really* wanted a cast iron skillet. So I bid on one, and was promptly outbid. I decided to take it as a sign that I shouldn’t get one, and didn’t place a counter bid. Only a few short hours later, I was once again bidding on a skillet, and when I got outbid, I placed a higher bid. And then I sat there hitting the refresh button every 30 seconds to see if I was still the top bidder (there were only about 10 minutes left in the auction). And I was. So I got my cast iron skillet for $10. Well, you know, $10 plus $13.29 shipping.

But hey, cast iron skillet, those things are heavy! I shouldn’t quibble that shipping cost more than the skillet. It’s kind of like how when you’re going to college and your books cost more than your tuition, which happened on more than one occasion.

 So if you’re hungry for cornbread, come over in a few weeks and I’ll make you some real Southern-style cornbread. That means it won’t be sweet, and it will have a grainy texture, and it will be sizzling in a blazing-hot cast-iron skillet.

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