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Oh, I feel sorry for you wonderful people. Know why? Huh? Know why?

‘Cause you didn’t get lunch made for you by Jehara!!

I was actually planning to eat lunch with her and B today, but had to go home and wait for the refrigerator repair person. And to give him credit, he actually showed up about five minutes into the two-hour time-frame he gave, so I was pretty impressed with that. My refrigerator is working again. I lost the contents of the fridge, but the stuff in the freezer is fine, so there’s not as much restocking as there otherwise could have been.

Anyway, to get back to my point, when I returned to the office there was an e-mail from Jehara telling me where my lunch was in the office fridge. And I brought it to my desk and went back to work and started to eat and oh my goodness gracious me oh my! I’m sure that some of you have, doubtless, enjoyed the blissful taste sensation that is a PBN (peanut butter/Nutella) sandwich. And some of you may perhaps have even taken it a step further by adding some sliced bananas into the mixture, thus creating a PBNB. But Jehara went beyond even those boundaries to create the incredibly scrumptious PBNBSH (peanut butter/Nutella/banana/strawberry/honey) sandwich. Woot! My taste buds are dancing with joy.  She also brought me some fresh cherries, and I do like the cherries, some yogurt, a little broccoli, and some cereal to snack on this afternoon.

I wonder if she’d bring my lunch every day. I could so get used to this. 😀

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