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No, nothing like that. 🙂  But remember the green chile dip recipe I posted yesterday? I forgot to mention that you can make it either relatively mild or palate-scorching hot, depending upon the heat of the green chiles.  Apparently instead of the can of mild green chiles, I picked up a can of hot green chiles.  And you probably already know that with something spicy like that, the longer it sits, the hotter it gets as the flavours blend together. 

And I brought the dip to work yesterday for a “finger foods” spread that few people ended up participating in, and nobody ate any of my dip. I was whinging about it to L-2, who said she’d take it home with her. So I set it on her table along with the chips, and Easley and SpursFreak felt sorry for me and ate some.  They both just about died from the heat, but I feel particularly proud of making Easley cry. He’s this big, big guy, very much a manly man.

Moving on, and returning to my kitchen, I washed some of the walls in the kitchen last night. I didn’t get as far as I’d wanted to, seeing as how I wanted to finish the whole kitchen. I always overshoot my abilities; that’s not a good thing, seeing as how it frequently leaves me disappointed. And the magic sponge I used only was able to clean about 6 square feet of wall. Yeah, it’s that dirty. Of course, it’s also a textured wall, which I think eats up the sponge more quickly. Tonight I’ll just take a regular old rag and soapy water to the wall, as I don’t feel like spending more money on the magic sponges.

I also made fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans for dinner. I couldn’t tell you the last time I made fried chicken, and it was really tasty. I made a seasoned flour dredge, and fried boneless skinless chicken tenders in olive oil in my nonstick skillet. It made a really good gravy. The green beans were nothing special, just the Green Giant Simply Steamed green beans with almonds, no sauce.  Now that I’m back to cooking all the time, I remember the tedium involved in trying to figure out what to make for dinner every night. If I had an unlimited budget, there would be no tedium whatsoever, trust me. However, I do not have such a wonderful budget, so I have to plan very carefully. I also am trying to avoid heating up the kitchen too much, which means anything that needs to go into the oven is out.

Joe’s heading back out of town on Monday. I’ll miss him. I’m hoping, though, that we can work together and get the bathroom finished up tomorrow. It would be wonderful to have that task finished up. Then with the bathroom, kitchen, and dining room all put together, it’ll be time for me to start on another room.

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