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I seem fated to be one of those people who has to learn lessons the hard way. And right now I’m learning about housekeeping.

Did you know that walls get dirty? I’m not talking about the “oops, I spilled a glass of grape juice down the wall” kind of dirty. I knew about that. No, I’m talking about the “if you put trellis and fake ivy and fake flowers along the top of the wall it’s going to get very dusty and cobwebby but if you don’t look closely you won’t notice it” kind of dirty. The “there’s dust and dog hair and allergens flying in the windows and if you take one of those magic eraser thingies and swipe it along the wall the white part of the eraser thingie will be brown” kind of dirty. 

I’m not stupid. I mean, I went to university on scholarship while holding down a full-time job and having several surgeries, and still managed to graduate cum laude. I read the dictionary for fun. So how did I get to the venerable age of, uh, 26 without realizing this essential fact about walls?

Well, the walls in the dining area are now mostly clean (I still have to pull out the stepladder and get up on the tops where the lattice and fake plants used to be), and I’ve thrown out two magic eraser thingies because they’re no longer usable.

So now someone’s going to tell me that floors get dirty, too.




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