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Thursday Thirteen #11

Janet today listed 13 search terms people used to find her blog. Always one to steal a good idea when I see it, and because I have some hilarious ones, I decided to use that for today’s Thursday Thirteen.

  1. Cow personality test. Did I ever do a cow personality test? Do I have the personality of a cow?
  2. Kashi cereal passing gas. Does this person know me or what?
  3. “wordpress” “left boob”. I’m assuming this is because my left boob is named Rogers and I blog on wordpress. Was this person looking specifically for the weirdo who named her left boob? Not quite sure.
  4. melanie lynskey farts. This one totally cracked me up. I have written about Melanie Lynskey, as she was one of the actors in Heavenly Creatures, a movie that I totally love. But I don’t think I’ve ever written about her farts.
  5. fever induced dreams. I wrote about fever-induced dreams when I had the flu last.
  6. the truth about sylvia likens. I mentioned Sylvia Likens recently–another dream–and there’s a movie coming out about her tragic story.
  7. “across the universe” dish. Loved the movie. Not quite sure what that dish would be.
  8. twin soul description. ???
  9. i have been passing gas too much lately. LOL!!!  That’s one of the side effects of eating Kashi (see above) or Fiber One cereal bars.
  10. the daemon lover by shirley jackson. Have you read this short story? No? What are you waiting for?
  11. picture girl in bathroom taking picture. I’m not a picture girl, not in the bathroom taking pictures, but I have been working in my bathroom. And I did promise to take pictures of the finished project.
  12. a career that implies to your personality. If I knew how to obtain a career that implies (applies?) to my personality, trust me, I wouldn’t have the job I have now.
  13. weight watchers recipe for death by chocolate. Yeah. My death by chocolate recipe is part of the Malnutrition Monday series, and is definitely NOT Weight Watchers friendly!

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