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So I came home from work today, changed into my grubbies, and got to work. I wiped out the bathtub with a cloth to get all the dust bits out. Then I taped all around it. Then I donned gloves and a respirator mask, and got to work. The refinishing stuff went on surprisingly easily–that’s the good news.  I have to put on another coat in about 40 minutes; if I don’t get another coat on tonight, I have to wait 3 days before I can put the second coat on. That’s the bad news. Because it’s dark now, and the lights in the bathroom were disconnected before we started painting. So I’ve got to drag a lamp in there so I can get that second coat applied tonight. I’m wondering how I’ll manage to do it without smearing the stuff all over myself while I’m leaning over and in the tub to get it applied.

I already have a huge schmear of the refinishing stuff all up one forearm when I accidentally leaned against a portion of the tub I did earlier. Joe’s stopping to get something that will remove it; I tried acetone-based nail polish remover, but just managed to smear it all over my arm. So not fun.

I must say that I was really impressed with how good it looked just with the first coat. I’m really excited to see how great it looks after the second coat is on and dried.

And once it’s on, we have to wait 72 hours before we can use the tub. I personally plan on breaking it in with a nice long hot bubble bath. After all this work, my aching muscles will enjoy it. I’m hoping that by then we’ll have the floor and toilet installed, and the wallpaper border up.

I’m sitting here staring at the clock; 20 minutes before I have to go in there and sweat myself half to death. I had to paint with one hand and hold the respirator mask on with the other hand, because I got so sweaty the dumb thing kept trying to slide off. And those fumes are toxic, not the thing one wants to inhale.


The fumes are horrendous. And brushing the epoxy over the tub the second time was a lot harder. It was still sticky and tacky from the first application, so I couldn’t lean into the tub like I could the first time. But it’s done, and the house is full of the intoxicating chemical aroma. Mmmmm.

Joe picked up dinner for us from McAllister’s Deli, and we’re holed up in the Egypt room with the A/C on and the windows open. I’m hoping that the fumes will have dissipated by morning.

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Yesterday was just insane. I mean that in the hilarious sense of the word, and you’ll see why in a sec.

Joe and I worked on the bathroom: I scrubbed the baseboards and the floors of the cabinets, and helped paint the edges and corners of things. He painted the walls and ceiling. And that’s as far as we got. I’m planning to refinish the bathtub tonight, and if he gets home in time, he is planning to paint the trim. Then we just have to do the toilet & floor, and buy new curtains and shower curtain, and we’ll be all set! Woot!

So yesterday we rented a room at a motel across the street. Nothing fancy, but we just wanted to be able to take baths/showers for as long as we wanted. I know we could have gone to Dad’s or a friend’s house to shower, but you don’t feel free to just loll in the tub when you’re at someone else’s house. And I wanted to loll in the tub. They put us on the second floor, and I went over first. No plug for the tub. Okay. So I called the front desk–nope, they didn’t have any plugs. So I stuffed a washcloth in the drain, and that worked okay. I filled the tub with nice hot water and put some bubble bath in, and got in and relaxed. I read a book, gave myself a facial, washed and conditioned my hair, and just enjoyed the hot water. I refilled the tub twice, and would guess I was in there for about an hour and a half.

I kept hearing the room phone ring, but didn’t bother picking it up. (a) I was in the bathtub; and (b) I figured they were calling about the plug or something.  I finished up, got dressed, and went home.

Later on Joe went over to take an extended shower. Trust me when I tell you this guy can spend an hour or more in the shower.  He called me, wanting to know if I’d called him on the room phone. I said of course not, and that I’d have called his cell phone if I had needed him. And just then we heard someone banging on the door of his room.  He wasn’t dressed yet, and kept calling out asking who it was, but no one answered. Finally he put some clothes on and opened the door. It was the hotel manager. 

The tub was broken, and every time we ran water, it flooded the room immediately downstairs.


They were going to move us to a different room, but since we weren’t sleeping there, and weren’t going to take any more baths or showers, Joe declined. And that’s why I MUST refinish the tub tonight, because it will take several days to dry before we can use it, and I’m sick to death of sponge baths.

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