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  • I really have to go pee.
  • The smell of fried chicken makes me wanna barf.
  • I hope I can remember Ramona’s lines tonight.
  • Having people sitting in the audience spaces last night helped.
  • I hated having that meltdown last night.
  • I hope I don’t cry again tonight. That was tres embarrassing.
  • The death masks look uber creepy.
  • Drowning Izzybella is creepy, too, especially when she comes up and gasps for air right when Soleil is gasping for air in the sound cue.
  • The illustrations for La Princessa are just beautiful.
  • O. does an incredible job of going from being an intimidating asshole cop to a frightened little kid in one scene in a matter of about 10 seconds. I feel so honoured to get to work with him.
  • It’s fun getting to do a scene with Izzybella. And I even remember most of my lines in that one! Yay!
  • Speaking of lines, I hope I can remember Ramona’s lines tonight. See, I remember them when I’m in the car. At my desk. Sitting on the toilet. Lying in bed.
  • Mountain Dew tastes good today.
  • I have to go pee.

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I remember the good old days. You know, the days before I knew first-hand what tech rehearsals were. The days when my sister would complain about tech rehearsal and I would listen sympathetically, pat her on the back, maybe give her a mini neck massage and buy her a diet Coke. The days when I’d get off work, go home, play with my dog and eat dinner, watch a movie or read a book, do some writing, do whatever I wanted before going to bed.

Aaaaah. Mmmmm.

Now I know. I know about getting in position and standing there while D. fiddles with the lights. I know about feeling the sweat pouring down every inch of my body because stage lights are HOT! Tech rehearsal makes regular rehearsal look like a day at Six Flags.

Last night we did another full runthrough of the show. I’m the only one who is still calling “line” for virtually every line of one of my scenes. My two other scenes I have down. But there is one scene, yes, the one I wrote, that I just struggle so hard with. It’s so similar in some ways to one of my other scenes in staging, and I hate it. I absolutely hate it. Despite the hours I’ve spent trying to get the lines down, I still don’t seem to be able to do so. I forget the lines, which then has me forget that I’m supposed to be hunched over and limping. I’m the least experienced actor in our EnsEmblE, and last night as I watched the gifted actors around me, I felt about half an inch tall. I felt like one of the ugly little under-the-bed monsters that I scare away for my younger sister in another scene. Inadequate.

Add exhausted on top of that, and we’ve got a recipe for something. I’m not quite sure what. Disaster? Not necessarily. The exhaustion may help me put myself so thoroughly out of my mind that I may do an okay job. I don’t know.  I feel relatively confident about all my scenes but that one.

Anyway, starting today I get to go to Addison immediately after work, which means I won’t get home until exceedingly late. My dog will be very lonely, and very needy when I get home. I’ll be too keyed up to sleep easily, which means it’ll be Ambien time! I won’t finish any unfinished housework the rest of the week (sorry, sugar), no laundry will get done, nothing else will happen except work, a little (too little) sleep, and rehearsal/play.

But it’s almost over. And that’s what I like about tech week. It means that next week I don’t have to go to rehearsal on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday night. It means just two weekends of shows, and then I’m done. And since this is the last play of the season, it means a good, long rest before the next one. I’m saying now that I don’t want to be in the next play, but just you watch. I’ll be auditioning for that next play, sure as anything.

Okay, well, I’ve complained quite a bit here, so let me end this on a positive note. Joe’s coming home this weekend! Yay!

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I’ve already rhapsodized over Harry Potter, and don’t want to spoil anyone, so will refrain from further rhapsodies, beyond the occasional “squee,” but I did actually get a few other things done over the weekend, believe it or not.

Rehearsal Friday was, well, interesting? Exhausting? Illuminating? All of the above? I guess I’d have to go with D, all of the above. Exhausting, definitely. I was in a muck sweat by the time we finished, and the bottoms of my feet were caked with black dirt. Definitely made me rethink whether I want to perform the show in bare feet. I was also intensely frustrated to realize that despite the time I’ve spent on certain scenes, I’m still not completely off book. One scene I’m in I even wrote, and it’s the one I’m having the most trouble getting off book on. I have done everything short of getting on my knees and begging for that one to be cut, and would do that if I thought it would work! We had a photographer from the Fort Worth newspaper out to take pictures for part of the evening for a story that’s due to appear this week. Most of all, though, it was good to see how things are coming together. It’s going to be a very good show.

On Saturday afternoon after Izzybella called the umpteenth time and ordered me to wake my lazy self up and pick her up (it was a kindness, trust me!) for V’s housewarming party, I kicked L-squared out, and Soleil and I went and picked up Izzybella and we did in fact go to V’s housewarming party.  It wasn’t, however, at V’s new house. This would be because V’s new house is in another state far away from this one.  It was held at the home of V’s parents-in-law, and was a really fun party. V’s parents catered, and if you’ve never had the good fortune to eat a meal they’ve cooked, oh, my, you’ve truly missed out. They always make sure they have something for the vegetarians in our little crowd, and I feasted on rice and squash with cheese, and guacamole.  I’m really glad Izzybella got bossy, because honestly, Soleil and I could easily have slept all day. And V’s too good of a friend, and we’d have felt like big fat jerks if we’d missed her party.

Afterward, Izzybella and I took Soleil home, and then I took Izzybella home, and then I took myself home, where I proceeded to begin rereading Harry Potter.  I was approximately 3/4’s of the way through the book, bleary-eyed, when Joe called me. He ordered me to sleep until noon the next day.

Ever the obedient wife, I did just that. Well, sort-of. Molly woke me up at 7:30 begging to go outside, so I let her out, read the last bit of Harry Potter, and then went back to sleep until noon.  Does that count?

And Joe frequently casts aspersions upon my abilities to keep house. Justly so, I should admit. I loathe cleaning house. But while he’s been gone, I’ve successfully kept clean the rooms that were clean when he left.  I’ve also begun cleaning some other rooms that needed cleaning.  So yesterday I started work on the guest room–critical, since Mom’s due to arrive on August 2nd. I worked sporadically on that room until Izzybella called and said she was picking me up in 10.

We ran a few errands, ate some lunch together, and had a very nice interlude. She then dropped me back home, and I returned to my chores. I also managed to watch Capote (WOW!) and Notes on a Scandal (also very good) before I’d had enough. No, the room’s not finished, but it’s a lot better. I have about two loads of laundry to wash, some books to put away, and two boxes of stuff that I need to put somewhere but I don’t know where. How do I manage to do that? Amass such piles of stuff? Don’t tell me–I don’t want to know. I just want to be done with it.

Today Joe decided that he doesn’t want me to go to San Antonio with Mom and Izzybella the day after the show closes. Now I’ll freely admit that I wasn’t entirely wanting to go ONLY because I know how tired I’ll be. However, I was very much looking forward to spending the time with Mom and Izzybella. So I was disappointed. I was also very frustrated because I knew that it would hurt my sister to have me back out like this.  But he’s worried about how tired I’ve been, how sick I’ve been lately, how much extra I’ve been doing with him out of town. He’s also frankly been worried about Molly, because she’s been missing him a LOT. She’s not used to him being gone so much, and he is worried that if I pick up and go somewhere for a couple of days that she’d kind of freak out.  And my not going means I don’t have to make up that 8 hours from work–I’ll just go to work on that Monday and not have to work 10-hour days the rest of the week. It’s a mixed bag. I feel torn. Relief on the one hand, and immense guilt and frustration on the other. I hate hurting my sister, who is my best friend next to my husband. It’s put a heavier burden on her to have me not be there, because now she’s the only one who’ll be driving, etc. But maybe it’ll be good. She’ll have some quality alone time with Mom. And just think of the guilt factor! Whenever she wants me to do something, and I start the “I don’ wanna” whine, she just has to bring this up, and I’m her slave!  And when they get back from the trip, I’ll have a good dinner ready. And, Izzybella, I’ll give you a good massage when you get back.  Okay, I know I’m pushing. I’m just trying to make the best of a difficult situation.

So tonight we’ve got rehearsal in Ft. Worth again, but the rest of the week is tech week in Addison. That means long nasty drives, late nights, exhaustion, and we open on THURSDAY! I’ve got to remember to buy dog food tonight, because I won’t get another chance, and we definitely don’t have enough to last until the weekend.

Joe gets home on Friday. I’m glad. I’ve missed him. I think he said he’s going to fly back on Monday, so I get to have him for the whole weekend. Yay! That’ll be nice. Of course, Molly will probably be fighting me for his company. . .

Oh, yeah. One more thing. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. SQUEE!!!!!

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The Deathly Hallows Rocks!

J.K. Rowling outdid herself. Honestly.  I was wondering how she was going to manage to pull everything together, although with confidence that she would do so.

Pull everything together she did. Brilliantly. We didn’t get out of rehearsal Friday night until 11, and it was about 11:20 when we got to Barnes and Noble. The lines were quite intimidating. We were in group C, which was about 1/3 of the way around the building.  After a few minutes, Soleil and Izzybella left to get some food and drinks while L-squared and I stayed in line and amused ourselves with speculation.  The line started moving a few minutes after midnight; we were still outside the building when Soleil and Izzybella arrived with provisions.  Never has a Sprite tasted so good; I think I sucked down a good 20 ounces right away.

Despite the long line, it was reasonably orderly, and we were back in the parking lot with our books by 12:45. According to the official rules, we couldn’t crack open the books until we were at home. Izzybella decided not to join us; she’s been sick all week, and said every time she lay down to relax, she immediately began coughing horribly.  So she went on home to read there. 

We got to my house and opened up the provisions (treacle toffee, Cadbury toffee eclairs, peanut M&M’s, jelly bellies, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, jelly slugs, and a variety bag of chocolate bars), greeted Molly (who was going from L-squared to Soleil to me, ad infinitum), and then all cracked open the book at the same time.

Let’s just say that it’s probably just as well Izzybella wasn’t there, because between me and Soleil, she’d have gone nuts.  I was saying things like, “No way!”  and Soleil was giggling madly or making crooning noises of woe. I read straight through and finished the book at 4:29 a.m.  L-squared was feeling a little ill and did more sleeping than reading, declaring her intention of reading slowly over the next several days and savouring the experience. Soleil read pretty straight through, going to sleep some time after I did, and then getting up to read again.  She’d finished the book sometime that morning, although I’m not sure what time.

Here are the things I was right about, in my own personal speculations:

  1. There was a battle at Gringott’s. The dragon they were flying on was a Gringott’s dragon. A horcrux was hidden in Gringott’s.
  2. Harry would live.
  3. Voldemort would die.
  4. None of the trio would die.
  5. One of the twins would die.
  6. Percy would return
  7. Harry & Ginny got married and had fat babies. And I love that one of their sons was named Albus Severus. 🙂
  8. Ron and Hermione got married and had fat babies.
  9. Draco would survive.
  10. Dumbledore was truly dead, but he would yet have some counsel for Harry.
  11. And, perhaps most important of all, Snape was good. I’m glad he was good. Although I didn’t think he was in love with Lily like his memory shows him to be.

Here are some of the things I was wrong about:

  1. Harry was a horcrux. I didn’t believe that. But I’m glad that she didn’t write it in such a way that his scar didn’t vanish when Voldemort destroyed the Harry-horcrux. That would NOT have made me happy.
  2. Neville didn’t kill Bellatrix. However, I loved that Neville killed Nagini. Totally cool. And I loved that Molly killed Bellatrix–“NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!” How awesome!
  3. There wasn’t a battle in the Chamber of Secrets. The Chamber did come into play, though, when Ron took Hermione to get the basilisk fangs so they could do some major horcrux-destroying.
  4. Snape would sacrifice himself for Harry.  Well, he did, but not in the sense that I envisioned it.
  5. I thought the creature on one of the covers was Dobby. Obviously it was Griphook. 

I was so sad when Hedwig died right off the bat. And Dobby–how sad was that!!  And I just loved when Kreacher came through for Harry!

I could go on writing little sentences about different things I loved. Suffice it to say that I really enjoyed the book. I’ve read it twice now, and just really like it. Rowling did a beautiful job of bringing it to an end. I feel satisfied.

Kudos, J.K.  And thank you for a long and lovely adventure!

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I got a migraine yesterday. If you’ve never had one, this may not seem like a big deal. Trust me, it is.

I had an aura that lasted for an hour and a half, which for me is extraordinarily long. Try having to work at your computer when you’re having flashing lights inside your head for an hour and a half. And I was also having extreme nausea.  Four p.m. finally arrived, and I headed home planning to lie down until time to leave for rehearsal.

It became apparent, as I started gingerly trying to get ready to go, that there was no way I’d be able to rehearse. Every movement sent shocks of nausea through my system. So I had to stay home and sleep instead. I’m still intensely queasy and wobbly this morning, but I’m hoping by rehearsal time tonight I’ll be fine. Doesn’t really matter–I have to go no matter what I feel like.

Really sucks, though. My body picks the most incredibly inconvenient times to rebel.

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Friday Fill-in

Friday Fill-In #29

If you play, please link back to me and leave me a comment letting me know you played, so I can come visit!
1. Elmer’s glue makes me remember my childhood.  Because I used to like to smear it on my hands, let it dry, and then peel it off. It was fun. Don’t ask me why. It just was!!
2. I like to use olive oil, garlic, and onions when I cook.
3. My company’s sick leave policy really pisses me off.
4. I’ve been thinking about my husband a lot lately.
5. The last song I heard that I liked was the pissed off elf song by Barenaked Ladies.
6. I like to picnic by starlight.
7. And as for the weeked, tonight I’m looking forward to rehearsal and then getting Harry Potter at midnight, tomorrow my plans include reading Harry Potter and sleeping and then going to V’s party and Sunday, I want to sleep all day!

Don’t forget…have fun!

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Harry Potter Spoiler Policy

In case you’re wondering, because I don’t want anyone to feel the need to avoid my blog after Saturday morning just because you haven’t yet read Harry Potter:

Any Harry Potter-related posts I do will be password protected. You can email me for a password if/when you are ready to read those posts.

That way you can continue to visit and read my blog without having to worry about being spoiled.

Okay?  You may now continue with your regularly scheduled life.

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