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Monday, Monday

Well, what to say. It’s Monday. That means we’re halfway through the run. We had a great audience most of the time, but I will admit to being a little, um, kerbobbled at doing a show for one person at Saturday’s  matinee. Not that I objected to doing a show for one, not at all. But she kept checking her watch during the performance, and as soon as the show was over, she took off like a bat out of hell.

I slept as late as I could on Saturday, and much of the day on Sunday. It’s going to take a lot more sleep to catch me, up, though, apparently, because I’m walking around like a zombie today. Of course, I was coughing up a lung and a half last night, and couldn’t sleep much. Joe fed me some Nyquil (ugh) and some herbal tea at some point during the night, after which the coughing let up and I was finally able to rest a little bit. I’m glad he was home. I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing that myself. Too angry and frustrated that I finally had a night off and couldn’t do anything but cough, I guess.

MoMentuM’s end-of-season banquet was yesterday evening. V. and S. did a hilarious skit in which they made fun of everyone, including themselves. I was mocked for twitching when people use the word “quote” when they mean “quotation.” I admit that it drives me a little bonkers. Okay, okay, it drives me a lot bonkers. And I was officially inducted into the EnsEmblE, along with Danielle. It is truly a privilege to be associated with these great people. I love them, and we have a lot of fun together. I’ve learned a lot, have grown a lot, and am really looking forward to whatever comes next.

The first part of this week should be pretty tame. Work, of course–and month-end (which actually hits me the first day of the month)–and cleaning house, getting ready for Mom’s visit. Running lines to make sure I don’t forget everything by Thursday. I think Joe’s heading back out of town on Wednesday for a few days. Mom comes on Thursday; the play starts back up on Thursday; we have a show on Friday; and two on Saturday. Liz and Mom are heading out of town on Sunday, and I’ll probably sleep all day on Sunday.

I sound boring, don’t I? I’m just so worn out it’s hard to be entertaining.

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