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  • I really have to go pee.
  • The smell of fried chicken makes me wanna barf.
  • I hope I can remember Ramona’s lines tonight.
  • Having people sitting in the audience spaces last night helped.
  • I hated having that meltdown last night.
  • I hope I don’t cry again tonight. That was tres embarrassing.
  • The death masks look uber creepy.
  • Drowning Izzybella is creepy, too, especially when she comes up and gasps for air right when Soleil is gasping for air in the sound cue.
  • The illustrations for La Princessa are just beautiful.
  • O. does an incredible job of going from being an intimidating asshole cop to a frightened little kid in one scene in a matter of about 10 seconds. I feel so honoured to get to work with him.
  • It’s fun getting to do a scene with Izzybella. And I even remember most of my lines in that one! Yay!
  • Speaking of lines, I hope I can remember Ramona’s lines tonight. See, I remember them when I’m in the car. At my desk. Sitting on the toilet. Lying in bed.
  • Mountain Dew tastes good today.
  • I have to go pee.

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