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I remember the good old days. You know, the days before I knew first-hand what tech rehearsals were. The days when my sister would complain about tech rehearsal and I would listen sympathetically, pat her on the back, maybe give her a mini neck massage and buy her a diet Coke. The days when I’d get off work, go home, play with my dog and eat dinner, watch a movie or read a book, do some writing, do whatever I wanted before going to bed.

Aaaaah. Mmmmm.

Now I know. I know about getting in position and standing there while D. fiddles with the lights. I know about feeling the sweat pouring down every inch of my body because stage lights are HOT! Tech rehearsal makes regular rehearsal look like a day at Six Flags.

Last night we did another full runthrough of the show. I’m the only one who is still calling “line” for virtually every line of one of my scenes. My two other scenes I have down. But there is one scene, yes, the one I wrote, that I just struggle so hard with. It’s so similar in some ways to one of my other scenes in staging, and I hate it. I absolutely hate it. Despite the hours I’ve spent trying to get the lines down, I still don’t seem to be able to do so. I forget the lines, which then has me forget that I’m supposed to be hunched over and limping. I’m the least experienced actor in our EnsEmblE, and last night as I watched the gifted actors around me, I felt about half an inch tall. I felt like one of the ugly little under-the-bed monsters that I scare away for my younger sister in another scene. Inadequate.

Add exhausted on top of that, and we’ve got a recipe for something. I’m not quite sure what. Disaster? Not necessarily. The exhaustion may help me put myself so thoroughly out of my mind that I may do an okay job. I don’t know.  I feel relatively confident about all my scenes but that one.

Anyway, starting today I get to go to Addison immediately after work, which means I won’t get home until exceedingly late. My dog will be very lonely, and very needy when I get home. I’ll be too keyed up to sleep easily, which means it’ll be Ambien time! I won’t finish any unfinished housework the rest of the week (sorry, sugar), no laundry will get done, nothing else will happen except work, a little (too little) sleep, and rehearsal/play.

But it’s almost over. And that’s what I like about tech week. It means that next week I don’t have to go to rehearsal on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday night. It means just two weekends of shows, and then I’m done. And since this is the last play of the season, it means a good, long rest before the next one. I’m saying now that I don’t want to be in the next play, but just you watch. I’ll be auditioning for that next play, sure as anything.

Okay, well, I’ve complained quite a bit here, so let me end this on a positive note. Joe’s coming home this weekend! Yay!

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