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I’ve already rhapsodized over Harry Potter, and don’t want to spoil anyone, so will refrain from further rhapsodies, beyond the occasional “squee,” but I did actually get a few other things done over the weekend, believe it or not.

Rehearsal Friday was, well, interesting? Exhausting? Illuminating? All of the above? I guess I’d have to go with D, all of the above. Exhausting, definitely. I was in a muck sweat by the time we finished, and the bottoms of my feet were caked with black dirt. Definitely made me rethink whether I want to perform the show in bare feet. I was also intensely frustrated to realize that despite the time I’ve spent on certain scenes, I’m still not completely off book. One scene I’m in I even wrote, and it’s the one I’m having the most trouble getting off book on. I have done everything short of getting on my knees and begging for that one to be cut, and would do that if I thought it would work! We had a photographer from the Fort Worth newspaper out to take pictures for part of the evening for a story that’s due to appear this week. Most of all, though, it was good to see how things are coming together. It’s going to be a very good show.

On Saturday afternoon after Izzybella called the umpteenth time and ordered me to wake my lazy self up and pick her up (it was a kindness, trust me!) for V’s housewarming party, I kicked L-squared out, and Soleil and I went and picked up Izzybella and we did in fact go to V’s housewarming party.  It wasn’t, however, at V’s new house. This would be because V’s new house is in another state far away from this one.  It was held at the home of V’s parents-in-law, and was a really fun party. V’s parents catered, and if you’ve never had the good fortune to eat a meal they’ve cooked, oh, my, you’ve truly missed out. They always make sure they have something for the vegetarians in our little crowd, and I feasted on rice and squash with cheese, and guacamole.  I’m really glad Izzybella got bossy, because honestly, Soleil and I could easily have slept all day. And V’s too good of a friend, and we’d have felt like big fat jerks if we’d missed her party.

Afterward, Izzybella and I took Soleil home, and then I took Izzybella home, and then I took myself home, where I proceeded to begin rereading Harry Potter.  I was approximately 3/4’s of the way through the book, bleary-eyed, when Joe called me. He ordered me to sleep until noon the next day.

Ever the obedient wife, I did just that. Well, sort-of. Molly woke me up at 7:30 begging to go outside, so I let her out, read the last bit of Harry Potter, and then went back to sleep until noon.  Does that count?

And Joe frequently casts aspersions upon my abilities to keep house. Justly so, I should admit. I loathe cleaning house. But while he’s been gone, I’ve successfully kept clean the rooms that were clean when he left.  I’ve also begun cleaning some other rooms that needed cleaning.  So yesterday I started work on the guest room–critical, since Mom’s due to arrive on August 2nd. I worked sporadically on that room until Izzybella called and said she was picking me up in 10.

We ran a few errands, ate some lunch together, and had a very nice interlude. She then dropped me back home, and I returned to my chores. I also managed to watch Capote (WOW!) and Notes on a Scandal (also very good) before I’d had enough. No, the room’s not finished, but it’s a lot better. I have about two loads of laundry to wash, some books to put away, and two boxes of stuff that I need to put somewhere but I don’t know where. How do I manage to do that? Amass such piles of stuff? Don’t tell me–I don’t want to know. I just want to be done with it.

Today Joe decided that he doesn’t want me to go to San Antonio with Mom and Izzybella the day after the show closes. Now I’ll freely admit that I wasn’t entirely wanting to go ONLY because I know how tired I’ll be. However, I was very much looking forward to spending the time with Mom and Izzybella. So I was disappointed. I was also very frustrated because I knew that it would hurt my sister to have me back out like this.  But he’s worried about how tired I’ve been, how sick I’ve been lately, how much extra I’ve been doing with him out of town. He’s also frankly been worried about Molly, because she’s been missing him a LOT. She’s not used to him being gone so much, and he is worried that if I pick up and go somewhere for a couple of days that she’d kind of freak out.  And my not going means I don’t have to make up that 8 hours from work–I’ll just go to work on that Monday and not have to work 10-hour days the rest of the week. It’s a mixed bag. I feel torn. Relief on the one hand, and immense guilt and frustration on the other. I hate hurting my sister, who is my best friend next to my husband. It’s put a heavier burden on her to have me not be there, because now she’s the only one who’ll be driving, etc. But maybe it’ll be good. She’ll have some quality alone time with Mom. And just think of the guilt factor! Whenever she wants me to do something, and I start the “I don’ wanna” whine, she just has to bring this up, and I’m her slave!  And when they get back from the trip, I’ll have a good dinner ready. And, Izzybella, I’ll give you a good massage when you get back.  Okay, I know I’m pushing. I’m just trying to make the best of a difficult situation.

So tonight we’ve got rehearsal in Ft. Worth again, but the rest of the week is tech week in Addison. That means long nasty drives, late nights, exhaustion, and we open on THURSDAY! I’ve got to remember to buy dog food tonight, because I won’t get another chance, and we definitely don’t have enough to last until the weekend.

Joe gets home on Friday. I’m glad. I’ve missed him. I think he said he’s going to fly back on Monday, so I get to have him for the whole weekend. Yay! That’ll be nice. Of course, Molly will probably be fighting me for his company. . .

Oh, yeah. One more thing. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. SQUEE!!!!!


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