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I got a migraine yesterday. If you’ve never had one, this may not seem like a big deal. Trust me, it is.

I had an aura that lasted for an hour and a half, which for me is extraordinarily long. Try having to work at your computer when you’re having flashing lights inside your head for an hour and a half. And I was also having extreme nausea.  Four p.m. finally arrived, and I headed home planning to lie down until time to leave for rehearsal.

It became apparent, as I started gingerly trying to get ready to go, that there was no way I’d be able to rehearse. Every movement sent shocks of nausea through my system. So I had to stay home and sleep instead. I’m still intensely queasy and wobbly this morning, but I’m hoping by rehearsal time tonight I’ll be fine. Doesn’t really matter–I have to go no matter what I feel like.

Really sucks, though. My body picks the most incredibly inconvenient times to rebel.

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Friday Fill-in

Friday Fill-In #29

If you play, please link back to me and leave me a comment letting me know you played, so I can come visit!
1. Elmer’s glue makes me remember my childhood.  Because I used to like to smear it on my hands, let it dry, and then peel it off. It was fun. Don’t ask me why. It just was!!
2. I like to use olive oil, garlic, and onions when I cook.
3. My company’s sick leave policy really pisses me off.
4. I’ve been thinking about my husband a lot lately.
5. The last song I heard that I liked was the pissed off elf song by Barenaked Ladies.
6. I like to picnic by starlight.
7. And as for the weeked, tonight I’m looking forward to rehearsal and then getting Harry Potter at midnight, tomorrow my plans include reading Harry Potter and sleeping and then going to V’s party and Sunday, I want to sleep all day!

Don’t forget…have fun!

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