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Neener Neener!

I have the bestest sister anyone could possibly have.  Seriously. I think that all the time, and she knows I think that, so she will know, when she reads this, that I’m not just sucking up.


Today I found this great Harry Potter messenger bag at Hot Topic, and I decided that I was going to go and get it for myself. And I e-mailed a photo of it to Izzybella, because I thought she might like to get one for herself. And she liked it as much as I did.

And so Soleil and D. are coming by tonight to watch movies, and I deliberately told them to come at 7. That was so I could have time to put away the clean clothes that are folded on the loveseat and make dinner. It was also so I could have time to run to the mall and go to Hot Topic and buy my messenger bag.

And then I got the magic e-mail! The one where my sister said she hoped I wasn’t kidding about wanting it, because SHE WENT AND GOT ME ONE!!!  Squee! In my gushy thank you e-mail, I went on and on and on, and told her it was really difficult to tell her she shouldn’t have. Our parents always do that, and it’s so annoying. So I didn’t say she shouldn’t have. I only thought it. But seriously, I’m so excited! And she told me that there were only two left in the store, so she got hers and mine. And it was meant to be, because she had beautiful parking karma at the mall.

So chalk thoughtful things like this up as reason number 89,650,432 why I have the bestest sister ever!!

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I’ve got a bit of the blues today.  I just got off the phone with Joe, who’s out of state working on a project. He gets to come home for two days every two weeks, so I don’t get to see him again until next weekend. I love having a bit of solitude, but I really miss him so much. He misses me, too, and tells me so every time he calls.  I’ve been okay talking to him until today, but when we hung up the phone a few minutes ago I had to put my head down on my desk and cry for a bit.

And I’m apparently still fighting some crud. I’ve been feeling better, but haven’t gotten completely over whatever’s been assaulting my immune system. This morning I woke up and found that I am, once again, losing my voice. There’s a few seconds delay from when I open my mouth and start speaking until the point when sound actually comes out.  And have I mentioned that the play opens in two weeks? I really need my voice.

Okay, enough of the blue stuff. Here’s some good things that are happening.

Our ensemble is having our end-of-season banquet on the 29th, and we were told to wear prom-like clothes. I have NOTHING even remotely prommy, so I hit Ross today and found a lovely dress on clearance for $19. It’s sheer black fabric over a tan lining, with a band of black lace at the waist. The size tag is deceptive–it’s loose on me, but not so loose that it would be a regular size whatever-the-tag-says-its-size-is. So I think it was cut small. Again, it’s loose enough on me that it drapes beautifully and doesn’t cling to anything I don’t want it to cling to, but not so loose that it’s unattractive.  I actually found the dress yesterday, but didn’t have the scratch to get it with. Today when I went back to the store I searched and searched and searched, but couldn’t find it. I was about to give up in despair when I saw it and triumphantly snatched it up.

I was looking at Hot Topic’s website to see what Harry Potter tees they have available, as I’m planning to head there tonight or tomorrow. And I found a fantastic Harry Potter messenger bag I think I want even more than the tee shirt. So if they have it at the store, I think I’ll get it instead. Otherwise, I’ll still get myself a fun tee to wear to the book release party next Friday.

Did you hear that? Next Friday!  A week from today!  It will be coming at the end of a grueling week, rehearsal-wise. We’re doing a full stumble-through of the show on Monday, and then working on “problem spots” during Tuesday-Thursday rehearsals, and another full run-through on Friday. And since no one is off book yet, the stumble-through on Monday will truly be a stumble-through.  I was given extensive notes last night, and have quite a lot of homework to do this weekend in addition to getting my lines memorized.

And I think that I have decided I’m going to try to make the switch to vegan. It’s going to be harder than it was for me to give up meat, but I’m finding that I’m relying too much on cheese, which is keeping me from losing any of the weight that I’ve really got to get off my body.  I found some good websites with lots of resources, and have printed off some recipes to try it. It’ll make eating out for fast food even harder, which frankly is a bonus for me. I’ve not had the self-discipline to stop eating fast food; I’ve just been eating meatless fast food. Better, perhaps, but still not what I need. I’m not going to make the switch until after the show and my mom’s visit are over, because there’s just too much going on until then, and I can’t commit to myself that I’ll be able to make the time to prepare my food at home. But once Mom’s headed back to Utah, the season is over and no more show stuff until late October, I will switch to vegan. If anyone has any helpful tips, please let me know. I’m a little nervous about it, if only because I totally love cheese and know it’ll be hard to give it up.   If you’re interested in checking out my favorite veg websites, here they are:

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Friday Fill-In

If you play, please link back to me and leave me a comment letting me know you played, so I can come visit!
1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the book I’m most looking forward to reading this summer
2. Dogs rule!.
3. Grapevine is a town I’d like to explore.
4. Silly people enjoy being silly, even if other people are mocking and pointing the finger of scorn at them.
5. I’m longing to sleep as late as I want to tomorrow morning.
6. Hearing loud noises in the house when Joe’s out of town is  so scary!
7. What are you doing this weekend? Tonight I’m looking forward to a little shopping and going to bed early, tomorrow my plans include doing a little more shopping with Izzybella and Soleil, getting off book for the Juarez show, and some more housework, and Sunday, I want to be as lazy as I want to be since I’m off book. But I’ll probably be working still to get off book and doing housework.

Don’t forget…have fun!

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