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First of all, there’s a new topic up at the Scheherazade Project. So go check it out, write something, and post a link in the comments at the S-Project. Then we can all go, “Ooh! Aaah!” at your inspired writing! And even if you’re not feeling particularly inspired, write something anyway. It’s fun.

I’ve been listening to Dar Williams all day. Well, until 20 minutes ago, when I put in Regina Spektor.  I can’t listen to Dar without thinking of Chicory, since it’s thanks to Chicory that I found the awesomeness that is Dar Williams.  And Chicory is indirectly responsible for introducing me to Regina Spektor, as well. I like that, when I listen to great music and get to enjoy not only the great music but my friends. And that got me to wondering what other music finds I owe to friends. My love for Stevie Ray Vaughn is courtesy of Clover’s husband, the bluesman. Barenaked Ladies I owe indirectly to my awesome sister Izzybella. And whenever I hear “Berkeley Square,” I think of my friend J. She was going to sing it at a performance, and I was her accompanist until she decided not to participate.  And my honey, well! He’s a musician. I’ve found a few things through him, but think I’ve actually introduced him to more music than he has me. That sounds a little backwards, doesn’t it? But he used to get stuck in musical ruts, and I have such wildly eclectic tastes that I’ve gotten him out of some ruts. I can’t hear Paris Combo or any other French pop (which I love!) without thinking of D., my French professor at UTA. He’s a real sweetie.

Speaking of good friends, it’s been wonderful to reconnect with A. So much has happened since we lost touch! She’s got three children, and she and her husband are living in another state. Joe and I were talking about them yesterday, and thinking it would be great to go visit one of these days.

Rehearsal was fantastic last night. I went through one of my scenes twice. I’m having the dickens of a time with it. I keep offering to let Jehara and V. cut that scene, since the play seems to be getting a bit too long, but they keep refusing. 🙂 We figured out some things that will help it flow better, though, and I feel a little more confident about it. We got a real lucky break when O. got on board with this project. He’s written a really incredible scene, as well as a bit of a scene that breaks into the one Jehara and I co-wrote. His stuff just gives me shivers, it’s so beautifully written. I wish you could all come see the show. It’s going to be so great!! 

I was just realizing today that Molly is going to be so excited tomorrow afternoon. Jehara, Izzybella, K. and C. are coming over for a Harry Potter moviethon. And Molly firmly believes that the only reason visitors come to the house is solely to play with her and scratch her booty. I will say that she settles down once everyone is there and has paid her sufficient attention.

Okay, well, that’s enough blathering for one day, don’t you think? Enjoy your weekend!

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