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See Faith.

See Faith pout.

See Faith say lots of bad words.

Bad Faith!

Why is Faith pouting and saying bad words? Because Faith got an e-mail from her supervisor telling her that if she has one more unscheduled absence, she’s going to get written up! Faith is mad because of her unscheduled absences, one of them was due to it taking longer to recover after surgery, and two relate to the illness that she got because other people come to work when they’re sick because they don’t want to get written up.

Bad company policy!

Okay, I’ll quit writing a la Dick and Jane. But I am in an extremely foul mood. It was not exactly the most joyous news I’ve heard all day. I went and talked to our HR rep, who was very nice and very sympathetic. Nothing changed, of course. But the schedule goes on a one-year rolling thing, so I can get sick once after January 5th!

You know, when I was younger and more foolish and lazier and everything, I’ll admit to abusing my companys’ sick leave policies. I didn’t feel like going to work? Call in sick. Not often, but it happened. And I also missed a lot of days due to the problems related to my endometriosis. But that’s all in the past. There have been plenty of days when I’ve come into the office not feeling my best, because I know they’re all counting on me (I’m the only admin assistant here), days when I probably should have stayed home. So to be warned of possible disciplinary action should I end up–gasp! the horror!–getting sick again has me absolutely infuriated.

Snarl. And I’m still not completely over the crap I’ve been fighting since June 21st (it’s July 2nd today, isn’t it?). Heaven forbid I start getting worse again!

Some days I truly hate my life. Isn’t that why I went to college, so I wouldn’t have to be a secretary?

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