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Why don’t you just tell me to shut up already?  How many times did I post yesterday? 3? Sheesh!

Plus I wrote 2 or 3 times in the journal LeZard and I pass back and forth to each other at work.

The meeting went great last night. We really got a lot accomplished. It’s always good when the mojo is working, magic happens, things move forward. Yeah. Like that. But one of our guys is leaving us–for great things, I know, but it’s still sad. Last night was his last meeting. He’s going to El Paso for a few weeks to be with his family, and then he’s off to New York for 3 months.

I couldn’t sleep when I got home, which is usual after these things. I’ve got so much running around in my head that I can’t shut down. So I took a lovely bubble bath. And then I read a book. And then I lay in bed with the lights off and plotted out a book. I must have fallen asleep somewhere, but it doesn’t really feel like it. I’m really sleepy today and not in the mood to do anything but read and write.

Let’s play anywhere but here, shall we?  Lessee–Rome. I’d like to be in Rome today. Sitting outside at the Colosseum and writing in my journal, taking photographs, just doing whatever my fancy dictated. Yeah, Rome sounds good.

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