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I’m sorry, but I just have to whinge some more. Remember me mentioning earlier today about that pathetic little measly little half hour of light housework I did last night? And how it wore me out, and made the boob hurt?  Well, the boob has been hurting like mad this afternoon!! It’s really been a lot better, so this is quite frustrating. Grrrr!!

On the lighter side of things, I’ve spent the moments I haven’t had any work to do reading the entire archives of Boobs, Injuries, and Dr. Pepper. I highly recommend her.  Thanks to hd at One Small Corner of the Universe for sending me her way.

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I got this idea from The Daily Meme. You’re supposed to list your favorite bands from A to Z. I don’t know from bands, but I’ll allow myself to do my favorite bands/artists, and see how far I get.

A – Alexi Murdoch, Antigone Rising

B – Barenaked Ladies, The Be Good Tanyas, Billy Idol, Ben Folds

C – The Clash, the Cult, the Cranberries

D -Dar Williams, Dandy Warhols, Dido, Damien Rice, Dashboard Confessional

E – Ella Fitzgerald

F – Fine Young Cannibals, Frank Sinatra

G – Green Day, Gwen Stefani

H – Harry Connick Jr.

I – Ilona Knopfler, Indigo Girls

J – Jason Mraz, John Pizzarelli

K – Kellylee Evans, Lenny Kravitz, the Killers

L – Leo Kottke, Loreena McKinnitt, Lyle Lovett

M – Mabu Dibango, Michael Buble, Moby

N – Les Nubians, Nickelback

O – Beth Orton

P – Poe, Paris Combo, Pink, Peggy Lee

Q – Queen

R – Rod Stewart, Regina Spektor, REM

S – Sting, Sixpence None the Richer

T – Train, Tony Bennett

U – Urban Knights

V – Suzanne Vega

W – The Weepies, the Wailin’ Jennys

X – X

Y – Yellowjackets

Z – Warren Zanes

So okay, I did some fudging, but I managed to come up with at least one for every letter.  And I know as soon as I post this, I’ll be smacking my head thinking of all the great artists I like that I should have included and couldn’t remember because of brain farts.  But anyway, here it is.

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Refinancing the house. Yuck. We’re not taking any equity out, just getting ourselves out of the ARM mortgage into a much more favorable fixed rate mortgage. Fortunately, Joe’s handling everything. 

I tried to help by cleaning the living room last night–I think the appraiser is coming today or tomorrow. The living room wasn’t a dump or anything, so I figured I could handle it. Wrong-o! I did about half an hour of light work. By the time I got through that, I was exhausted and my boob was hurting like nobody’s business. It still boggles my mind how this stupid little surgery is taking me more time to recover from than any other procedure I’ve ever had. Well, I say that, but that’s not true. The breast reduction took way longer, but the pain was so much more intense that I was on strict bedrest for a LOT longer. But this is a minor little procedure. So I’m frustrated that I can’t even clean a not-too-messy living room!!!! Snarl!

On a less whingey and more serious note, I’ve been reading a lot of Amnesty International and U.S. Department of State reports on the state of affairs in Mexico, as part of my research for the Juarez show. I have to say that it’s given me a new perspective on life in the U.S. Despite the plethora of things that are wrong with this country, there are a damn lot of things that are right with this country. It is appalling to see what human rights violations take place on a routine basis in Mexico, things that I take for granted here. And that’s just one nation.

Even after the Juarez show is completed, I will continue learning about the other nations of the world. I will continue my involvement with Amnesty International. I may not be able to make a lot of difference, but I will do whatever I can. Things like this change a person for the better, and I hope–I feel–that I have been changed. I feel a little less selfish, a little less self-centered. 

One of my favorite actors is Angelina Jolie. I admire her so much. Even when she seemed like she was on a self-destructive path, I liked her but would never have chosen her as a role model. But once she adopted her first son, and started to really turn herself around, I saw what it did to her. I watched what she did for others, saw how she involved herself with her work with the UN and with other countries. She has selflessly put herself out there all the time, and continues to do so. It seems like she doesn’t give two cents for what anyone else thinks or says or does. She has decided which path is the one she will take, and she blazes it with fierce determination. I like her as an actor, and I love her as a human being. 

Can I be like that? Can I be that fierce, that determined, that courageous, that selfless? I hope so. I’m gonna try.

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