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Pity the Man

As you’re reading this, take a moment and just allow yourself to feel a little wave of sympathy for my poor husband.  We’re temporarily down to one vehicle, as my car is in the shop. “You must remember this one thing, or nothing else that follows will seem wondrous.”

Sorry.  My melodramatic instincts carried me away, and I had to quote the Great Gonzo from the Muppet Christmas Carol.

Okay. Here’s the deal. Molly. She’s a border collie. Very shaggy, because it was pretty cold this winter. Well, cold for us anyway. And now it’s spring, at last. I know it’s spring for sure because when I took a bath the other day, the water stayed hot all the way until the tub was completely full. We have a very large tub, and in the winter I get about an inch of hot water, and then another inch of lukewarm water. And then I have to wait for the hot water heater to heat me up some more hot water, and then I get to have some more hot water. So taking a bath in the winter? Not so much fun. That’s only one reason why I really like the spring.

But spring only lasts a month or so, before we get plunged into summer. And spring also means that Molly sheds. And sheds and sheds and sheds and sheds and sheds and sheds and sheds. We have hardwood floors, fortunately, or I think it would be worse, but it’s bad enough as it is. We can vacuum and sweep up all the dog hair, and five minutes later there will be rolls and tufts of dog hair lurking in the corners and along the floorboards and on the rugs. It’s nasty.  Normally we’d have gotten her shaved by March or April, but, as I say, spring was late this year. Full spring, that is.

And we’re down to one car.

Okay. So here’s why you need to pity my poor husband this morning.

Since we’re down to one car, we had to get me to work by 6:45 or so, so that he could get Molly to the grooming salon by 7. So we all piled merrily into Buffy, our white Rodeo, and I drove us to work.  About 5 minutes before we got to my office, Molly started to realize that one of us was about to get out of the car. She does not like this. Whenever we have gone somewhere all together, and either Joe or I gets out of the car and leaves, she gets very upset and cries all the way home.  So she actually started to cry 5 minutes before we arrived at my office.  She cried as I got out of the car, and wouldn’t give me a good-bye kiss. She cried as Joe shut the door, refusing to let her go to work with me. I know full well that she cried all the way to the grooming salon. 

And, having taken her to the grooming salon many times myself, I know how she cries when you leave her there. It’s heart wrenching. However, the groomers have told me that as soon as I’m out of sight, she stops, so I try not to let it bother me too much.

But that means Joe got a good 20-25 minutes of having to hear our poor dog cry.  And she does it with such pathos that it would melt even the hardest of hearts.  Poor guy. Teehee.

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