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Last night Izzybella and I went early to Soleil’s place. The Juarez writers meeting was set for 7:30, but we had decided Soleil needed our stimulating company. We were going to go get some Boba tea first, but when we got to the Boba tea place, they were closed.  Then Izzybella got the awesome idea of going to the Spiral Diner, this fantastic vegan cafe. When we called Soleil to see if she wanted us to pick her up or bring her something back, she said, “Ooh! Pick me up! Pick me up!” So we went to her place, and just as we pulled up, Vanessa got there as well. So the two of them piled in Izzy’s back seat, and we drove to the Spiral Diner. Alas, we were fated to be disappointed, because the Spiral Diner is closed on Mondays.

But we refused to admit defeat! Izzybella kept driving, and another few blocks down Magnolia Street we were greeted by King Tut’s, Fort Worth’s home of Egyptian food. Yes! So we went in and had dinner. Yummy hummus for appetizers. And then Izzybella and Vanessa had gyros (not Egyptian, I know, but still, lamb, right?) and Soleil had something the name of which just this second went out of my head (an appetizer size portion of it) and she and I split fellafel.  It was so great to just sit in this cool cafe and eat Egyptian food and hang with my friends. I had a really good time.

We finished paying right at 7:30, so we were 5 minutes late for our own meeting, but fortunately only H. beat us to Soleil’s flat.  The Juarez writers meeting was very productive. I think we’re all feeling like we’re making good progress on the goals. We had a new person join us last night, and I can already tell she’s going to be a valuable contributor. And K., who works with me, is going to be the ASM for the show. I’m starting to really get geared up for it. I wish all my floggers* could come out to DFW for the show, because it’s going to be really great!

I is whizpopping something terrible, but unlike the B.F.G., my whizpopping doesn’t lift me up into the air. ‘Tis a great pity, because I think that would be dreadful funishness. My whizpopping is sounding not unlike quiet bagpipes crossed with trumpets, if there is such a peculiar beastie, but fortunately for those with whom I work, I do have my own office so no one is having to hear my whizpopping.  Also unlike the B.F.G., I do admit to being embarrassed by the sound of the whizpopping. At least when there are others around.

And speaking of the B.F.G., how is it that I never read The B.F.G. until last Friday night? I cannot quite fathom that. I’ve read everything by Roald Dahl that I could lay my hands on, as a child, and still don’t know how I missed the B.F.G. I’m in love with him! He’s so adorable!  Yes, he mangles the English language (until the last chapter of the book), but he does it so cutely that I don’t think he would make me twitch.

Speaking of twitching, I got a serious twitch in last night’s meeting.  Several people were discussing quotations, but were referring to them as “quotes.” I stood it as long as I could, but when the twitching started, I said (and I hope I didn’t yell it), “Quotations! Quotations! Quotations!”  I think everyone in the room stared blankly at me, with the exception of Izzybella, who was silently chortling, having seen me do this many times.  I tried to calmly explain that quote is a verb and quotation is a noun, and if you’re talking about something that you want printed on a tee-shirt, that would be a noun, hence you mean a quotation, and people who say quote when they mean quotation make me twitch.  Vanessa nodded, and Soleil elaborated to point out that people have misused it so often that quote and quotation are virtually interchangeable. I said yes, but it still makes me twitch. And Izzybella (I swear I’m going to knock her silly one of these days) said that if you really want to see me twitch, get me in a locked car on a road trip and mispronounce words.

It was fun anyway. I love my sister. I love my friends. I love everybody and everything. To quote Chicory (see? I am quoting her, and that’s a verb), “sunshine is literally shooting out of my ass.”  (The portion of the preceding sentence enclosed within quotation marks is a quotation.) Sorry. I know. I’m beating a dead horse.



*The word was coined by the inimitable Sam to refer to friends who are bloggers. Floggers. Nice and neat. Thanks, Sam!

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