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Too Many Questions

Why is there such a vast gulf between what I visualize in my mind and what I manage to put down on paper? Why do I come up with such brilliant ideas for books that I am so incapable of writing? Why do I get brilliant ideas for books in styles that I don’t even enjoy reading? What am I going to do with Ember? Unlike Sammy, Ember’s not just popping in to say, “Hi, here I am. I know you can’t tell my story yet, but I just want you to know me. You’re going to write about me in about 15 or 20 years. Get ready. Practice, so that when it is time to write my story you can do it justice.”  No. Ember says, “Write it. Now. I can’t wait.”

Ember’s a redhead. Dyed, yeah, but still. She’s got a temper, and is very demanding. She has not left me alone since she sprung into my mind full-grown at about 7:30 p.m. Saturday May 5th.  She refuses to fit neatly into one of my other books. No, she has to have her own. And I don’t like the type of book to which her story belongs.

Damnit, Ember! I’m already working on two Chaucer novels and a fantasy, plus the Juarez project. I have neither the time nor the energy to work on your story. But you’re going to jump into the head of the line, aren’t you? You’re going to be right up there with Juarez, just because I can’t get you out of my mind, aren’t you? You’d be ahead of Juarez except that I resolutely refuse to allow you, because I won’t let MoMentuM down.

So Chaucer has to wait. Geoff Ryker has to wait.  Everyone else has to wait while I try to figure out how to tell your story without reading books I don’t like.

Why me??????????????

And, on a sidenote, why do I have a redhead in almost every book? I just realized that. I have a redhead in both Chaucer books and in my fantasy. And now the heroine of whatever the hell Ember’s book is named is a redhead, because Ember is, of course, a redhead. Dyed. She’s naturally a brunette. She’ll probably bitch-slap me for telling you that. Frickin’ characters, think they own me.

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