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Well, I’m really feeling quite a bit better, I’m happy to report. Last night I actually had trouble sleeping, for the first time post-surgery. But that could be because I was upset about something. Anyway, the point is that I’m feeling a lot more like myself again. Not 100% or anything, but enough so that I’m ready to start taking charge of my life again instead of allowing myself to be led around like a sheep.

Isn’t it funny that one sheep is a sheep, and two sheep are sheep, and many sheep are still sheep?  Sorry, just thought of that.

Okay, back to the subject.  Anyway, about the whole weight loss thing. I’ve done great, truly. I’ve lost a little over 40 pounds and kept it off. That’s quite a noteworthy accomplishment. During the last, what, 3 months?, I’ve been so preoccupied-busy-depressed-whathaveyou that I have not given it any level of concentration whatsoever. And I’ve still managed to keep it off. There were times that I was eating like a maniac, but I was also so physically active that it didn’t seem to matter. And there were times, recently, when I had no appetite whatsoever, but I was also doing nothing but lying on the sofa sleeping so it still balanced out. And there were the few times when I was giving it a half-hearted effort and managing to maintain but not lose.

So I’ve been thinking about it the last few days, and I think I’m ready to get back on the wagon. I’m really happy about the 40+ pounds, but I still have another 90 to go. I want to get rid of that 90 pounds. I can’t exercise for at least another 4-6 weeks, so I’ve got to get serious about paying attention to what I put into my mouth.

What else can I tell you about? Joe’s doing a lot of work around the house. The street behind our house is getting widened, finally, after years of talking and planning. That means 660 square feet of our property is going to be acquired. It sounds like a lot, but (a) we have a huge back yard and (b) our property line extends beyond our back fence. Someone’s coming tomorrow to appraise the house, presumably so they can assess how much is a “fair and reasonable offer” for the property they are acquiring. (Don’t you love how they use such pleasant terms to describe the fact that they’re forcibly taking some of our property whether we want them to or not? It’s not like we can refuse to sell it to them.)  So Joe’s been frantically doing as much as he can of the repairs he’s been putting off for months (years). Unfortunately, I have been absolutely no help whatsoever, since I can lift nothing heavier than 10 pounds and haven’t had any energy or strength after getting home from work.  So far he has replaced the broken window panes (most got broken during other home improvement projects, and one got broken when he lobbed a soccer ball through the kitchen window), installed drywall between the kitchen and bathroom behind the washing machine where some repairs were done several years ago, replaced the light fixtures in the main bathroom, and finished patching the ceiling in the master bedroom. He’s painting the master bedroom today. I hope he uses the paint I bought, and doesn’t go out and get some funky color. But with him, there’s just no telling.  He’s also bought a new back door, but hasn’t yet hung it. I don’t know if he’s going to be able to find someone to help him do so in time. I think he got a little over-ambitious, but I haven’t tried telling him so. I just lend a sympathetic ear and rub his back when he needs it.

I’m listening to Mario Frangoulis today. He has such a lush voice. Very pleasant. It makes doing my daily reports a little more enjoyable. And, since I brought up work, I’m caught up from the time I was off as well as month-end. It was actually a fairly painless month-end, surprisingly.

Sometime this weekend I’m getting together with Soleil to work on our piece for the Juarez project. I also need to finish drafting my piece for the Juarez project–I’ve done the research, and just need to put it together. It’s an emotionally draining project to work on. There is so much heartbreak and cruelty that it makes one reel. And the politics and red tape try to neatly tie the murder and mutilation and brutality into a nice little nonexistent packet of denial.  Joe won’t let me go to Juarez with the group when they go down there, and there’s no use my fighting him on it. That’s one battle I will not win. So I will do what I can here: help with the research, compile my database, work on the play, and hold the anguish of those mothers’ empty arms in my heart as I do it.

I had lunch with the incomparable Izzybella yesterday. She brought me the new Buffy comic. It’s delicious–one page has a pastiche of memories throughout the Buffyverse, and there is one small pane with Joss Whedon’s face. Have I mentioned lately that I heart Joss Whedon? He rules! So since I couldn’t sleep last night, I watched Buffy until I dropped off at some point during “Revelations” (Season 3). Liz said I can keep her Buffy DVDs for another month. That is an incredibly generous offer, so I really need to finish making my way through the rest of the DVDs. Joe will only let me watch for so long, before he decides I’m getting too stressed and need to turn it off. What that really means, of course, is that he’s too stressed and needs me to turn it off. He’s cute that way.

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