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Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday asks: Do you read in public, and wants to know why or why not.

Well, of course I read in public! I read everywhere! I read in the car. I read in the bathroom. I read in the living room. I read in the bookstore. I read in the library. I read in my friends’ homes. I read while I’m walking across the street. I read while I’m walking from my car to my office. I read while I’m eating breakfast. I read while I’m counting play money that I have to make each month for the managers at work. I read while I’m waiting for the doctor to come into the little room where I’m sitting, naked to the waist save the little paper capelet that barely covers my boobs. I read while I’m standing on line at the grocery store. I read while my husband’s freaking about about the tornado warnings that are coming. I read while I’m lying on the floor in the hall covered with blankets and pillows while the sirens are going off and my husband’s continuing to freak about the tornado warnings. I read in the bathtub.

Get it? I read everywhere I happen to be.

Why? Well, because I must. When I’m feeling myself, which I’m pleased to report I’m gradually starting to again, any time that I’m not reading (or writing) is pretty much time wasted. Reading (and writing) is like breathing. It’s just part of who and what I am. I read, therefore I am.

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