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Go see it. You’ll love it! 🙂 The movie progresses a lot more smoothly and easily than the book did, and has plenty of eye candy. It was well cast, has beautiful scenery, and was just a good movie. I wanted to turn around and buy another ticket and go watch it all over again.

Went to DSW Shoes, and found an absolutely gorgeous pair of brown satin and lace pumps on clearance. I also found a pair of black high-heeled loafers on clearance. And they were having their clearance sale, which meant everything on clearance was an additional 50% off. And I had a $10 certificate from when they did their system changeover earlier in the year. And I had a $5 certificate that they sent me for my birthday. So I ended up spending only $15 out-of-pocket for both pairs of shoes. Color me very, very happy.

I also went to Barnes and Noble and finally purchased book 7 of the Pendragon series. So I’m looking forward to having a good read later on tonight. I’m nearly finished clearing out the Egypt room, so the good read will be a well-earned one.

And I nearly forgot to report my good news from this morning’s weigh-in! I was down 3.8 pounds (for the last two weeks), and got another 5-pound star. I’m up to 36.4 pounds lost, which is very exciting.

Changing the subject here. I feel like I should say something about Saddam Hussein here. I was a little startled at how rapidly he was executed. Joe came into the bedroom last night to tell me that he was dead. I have been thinking a lot about him today. He is responsible for so many deaths; so much evil and horrors have been carried out under his orders and in his name. What is he seeing and feeling and experiencing now? I’m not glad he’s dead. I don’t mean that I wish he were still here, still in power, still able to do evil, because I’m not. I can’t be. But I can’t be glad in his destruction either. It’s horrible. I know that the things I’ve done wrong torment me when I allow myself to think of them, and I cannot imagine the torment he must be feeling now. I don’t know if I’m making any sense, so I’ll stop. I guess I just had to take a moment and try to express my thoughts.

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